For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.


For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

The former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou was prosecuted for prosecution of the leaked case and was acquitted in the first instance. After the prosecution filed an appeal, the Taiwanese High Court convicted the verdict on the 15th, and sentenced Ma Ying-jeou to 4 months’ imprisonment. When this happened, there was a paradox in the island. According to Taiwan’s “United Daily” report, the Taiwan High Court relied on the “Protection of Communications and Supervision Law” to punish Ma Ying-Jeou’s April prison sentence. For example, Yi Ke’s fine would be 1,000 yuan (NTD, the same below) for one day.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou. (Source: Taiwan's "China Times")

According to Taiwan's "Eastern News Cloud" report, Ma Ying-jeou's case was due to receive a report from former Attorney General Huang Shiming in early September 2013, saying that Ke Jianming said "Forum Minister Zeng Yongfu made his case acquitted at the second trial. Ma Ying-jeou later called Huang Shiming through the secretary and requested Huang Shiming to report again to the former “Premier” Jiang Yihua and the former Ma Yuan’s deputy secretary-general Luo Zhiqiang, triggering the September controversy.

Huang Shiming was sentenced to a final sentence of 1 year and 3 months. After Huang Shiming was sentenced to imprisonment, the Taipei Prosecutor's Office found that Ma Ying-jeou had demanded that Huang Shiming be reported to Jiang Yihua for criminal suspects, March 2016. In response to Ma Ying-jeou’s prosecution, Ma Ying-jeou has now found that Ma Ying-jeou committed the crime of “public servants leaking data for no reason” in the “General Protection Act” and was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, and Tecom fined 120,000 yuan.

As for Ke Jianming's self-judgment on Ma Ying-jeou's disclosure and aggravation, he was acquitted in the first instance and Ke Jianming appealed, but the High Court found that the evidence provided was not sufficient to prove the offence, and Ma Ying-jeou pointed to Ke Jianming's remarks about “Justice Guan Yu” being publicly accessible. Comment, so rejected the appeal, the whole case is not guilty.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Ma Ying-jeou's Office Spokesperson Xu Qixin (Source: Taiwanese Newsletter)

Ma Ying-jeou office spokesperson Xu Qiaoxin issued a message on Facebook (Facebook) saying that at the moment of the verdict, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the North inspected a cheering sound of up to 3 seconds, loud enough to reach nearby corridors. Can hear. However, Ma Ying-jeou was accused of leaking secrets in addition to the prosecution, and the North Inspection is currently in full swing.The case of “the case of the State Development Academy” and the case of Fubon and North Bank were the four major cases. Xu Qicai said that it is impossible for any leader of the Taiwan region to allow his “Executive Director” to see media reports and then he has to hurry up. Regarding the incident in which the "Legislative Yuan" and the opposition party whip in the case "closed the court", Ma Ying-jeou called the "Executive Director" Jiang Yihua and the Ma Jianban Deputy Secretary Luo Zhiqiang to discuss the possible storm. A responsible leader of the Taiwan region should do something.

Xu Qiao-Chu said that as a result, “judicial prosecutors” who protect “judicial authorities” have now been found guilty. "Investigating" more "cases", how to develop in the future should be imaginable. Today's court ruling on behalf of future Taiwan leaders or "Executive Director" must be turned a blind eye when faced with major incidents, otherwise they will be found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

According to Taiwan’s “China Times” report, Luo Zhiqiang expressed straight grief over the verdict. He said, “Guan said that the judicial officials were born and the anti-judicial officials were killed. The real corrupt officials were high-ranking. Temple The most corrupted Ma Ying-jeou was sentenced. "Taiwan! Sad!"

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Since Ma Ying-jeou’s administration, the defendant’s case has exceeded 100 cases. This is the first time he has been convicted. (Source: Taiwan's "United Daily News")

According to Taiwan's "Eastern News", a KMT spokesperson Hong Mengxuan analyzed the reasons for the Supreme People's Court's decision. Although Taiwan's leaders are broad civil servants, the first instance has stated that Taiwan Regional leaders also have grounds for "obstructing illegal activities." This means that when criminal activities are known to occur, they use extraordinary means to prevent illegal activities from happening, and Taiwan’s constitutional rules provide Taiwanese leaders with inter-fabric rights. Taiwan has only One person is applicable, that is, the leader of the Taiwan region. Today, no doubt, the rendition of the sentence is also the limitation of the authority of Tsai Ing-wen.

Hong Mengxuan expresses his absolute support for Ma Ying-jeou’s appeal to defending innocence in the end. He also believes that the entire Taiwanese people will firmly believe in the idea of ​​“not trusting public servants to call back and not allow justice to do nothing”. However, if political black hands want pervasiveness, they Can not take out any scholastic satisfaction report card, this party will only wait to be replaced again, no exception. He said: "The High Court does not examine the verdict of the first instance and adopts free and self-censored evidence. On the eve of 520, it was unable to obtain any specific achievements, but today it was found guilty of arguing against the horse.Is it that we have to pay the government transcripts to the basic account of the Green Camp?

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Ma Ying-Jeou leaked the case. The second instance reversed the sentence and sentenced him to 4 months’ imprisonment. (Source: Taiwan "Union News" video screenshot)

The island's freelance writer Los Angeles is also expressed in Facebook, "Is this" is "the court sent Tsai in English 5220 anniversary gift? Did ‘Independence’, Ke Jianming and Ah Bian celebrate with champagne?

Users leave a message. "From the Attorney General assigned to the North, everything will be understood." "How can they liquidate people after they have changed the model?" “There are netizens who say that they are afraid of Ma Ying-jeou’s re-election of Taiwanese leaders.

Taiwan political commentator Wong Chi-yin sent a message on Facebook to say, “As early as 2015, we knew that one day, eventually, In one case, Ma Ying-jeou would be found guilty. "She said that Green Camp is killing Ma Ying-jeou and there are four major calculations:

First, the judicial pursuit of Ma Ying-jeou can achieve Liwei, revenge, shift focus and disrupt the effectiveness of the Blue Camp. To the judiciary and to the blue camp. Who is not afraid of lawsuits? Who dares to provoke the Democratic Progressive Party?

Second, the focus of social attention is shifted at the time when the green camp is in full swing.

Third, to condemn Lanying’s current largest political star as a guilty person, and to pave the way for future lawsuits, Na Ying’s aura will be stripped of light.

No. 4. Chen Shui-bian was incarcerated because of corruption. Of course, the green camp would also have to take revenge against Ma Ying-jeou to make a fuss for his own people.

Therefore, Ma Ying-jeou was finally guilty of killing four animals. Ma Ying-jeou finally found himself guilty.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Yongshe, Taiwan North Society, Taiwan Association of Professors Huang Yiying (second from left) informs Ma Ying-jeou. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

According to reports, after the Supreme Court sentenced Ma Ying-jeou to interview, he pointed out that the result of this judgment was first 3 related verdict is not the same, there are problems which must be clarified. He stressed that this lawsuit is about the constitutional provisions of the Taiwan region, not just for his personal interests, andThe exercise of the authority of Taiwan’s leaders should not be restricted. “I must clarify and I will appeal!”

To face the question from the reporters, is the “monitoring member” of Chen Shimeng took office so far as the office of the Mabud said? The words and deeds of the cause of the chilling effect of the legal world? Ma Ying-jeou said that it was not related to the community’s own public assessment; when asked about the verdict that “obviously lacking an example”, Ma Ying-jeou recalled that “such a case would be less than an example if it came home to sleep.” At that time, the scene also gathered many people shouting slogans for Ma Ying-jeou.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

The Ma Ying-jeou special charges case was acquitted when Taipei City Council members Yan Sheng Guan (left) and Zhuang Ruixiong expressed their dissatisfaction with the verdict outside the court. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

In fact, Ma Ying-jeou’s case has been defended more than 100 times since he took office. This is the first time he has been found guilty. In the life of his defendant, he was temporarily listed as a candidate for defeat. The vast majority of the rest were signed by the prosecutor because there was no direct evidence. Among the hundreds of cases, the one who most loved Ma Ying-jeou was Huang Diying, who had summoned Ma Ying-Jeou 4 in total. Times.

After being organized by Taiwan’s “United Evening News,” apart from the case of the leaking of the teachings, Huang Diying also appealed to Ma Ying-jeou against the case of the big tycoon Tully Yuanxiong and the unclear property origin. In addition, Taipei City Council Member Yan Shengguan also told Ma Ying-jeou twice. They were Ma Ying-jeou’s special expense for the Ma Jiu Jiu and Cat Gondola cases, but they have abolished their punishment because of the violation of the law, and the informant later Not to testify, Ma Ying-jeou was eventually not charged.

In hundreds of Ma Ying-jeou’s defendants’ case, the informant also included former Taiwanese deputy leader Annette Lu, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, receptionist Mayor Xu Tiancai, and entertainer Guo Meizhu.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

The receptionist mayor Xu Tiancai once introduced the "national system for the KMT The television advertisements of the "Law", Ying Ma Ying-jeou, and Jin Yu-Cong are allegedly aggravated. (Source: Taiwan "United Daily News")

Qiao Tiancai dissatisfied with the 2010 "five are" upgrade period, the KMT promulgated TV advertisements related to the "Land System Act" referring to Xu Tiancai's support of the "Five are" upgraded Township civilAs a result, Ma Ying-jeou, who accused the then chairman of the Kuomintang, was accentuated. However, the Beijian believes that this matter can be subject to the public comment. Ma Ying-jeou does not prosecute.

Guo Meizhu claimed that he had signed a tie for Ma Ying-jeou with a price of RMB 250,000 at the auction. However, he had not received the goods after many years, and he reported frauds against Ma Ying-jeou. However, Ma's appointed lawyer stated that the horse did not agree to sell the tie at all. Finally, the prosecutor found that the two sides had misunderstood and the horse did not fraud, and the case was signed; Guo Meizhu also failed to file a civil claim with the court.

For the second anniversary of Cai’s authority, Ma Ying-jeou’s case was found guilty and eventually found guilty.

Lu Xiulian (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Lu Xiulian It is the question that North City’s silver is controlled by Ma Ying-jeou’s North City office and the Tully Fubon Financial Controls. Therefore, Ma Ying-jeou is accused of committing a crime against Tully. Ke Wenzhe is a legal representative of the current mayor, against the "great-odd case" on behalf of North City, Ma Ying-jeou, Tony Tachibong reported, but the two cases are still investigating, will not let Ma Ying-jeou add another defeat, yet to be Judicial decision.

According to statistics from the Taipei Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, since July 1, 2017 when Xing Taiqi served as the chief procurator, Beijian has signed 160 cases involving Ma Ying-jeou’s criminal cases and has not sued 4 cases. In the investigation, apart from the Big Tully Case, there were cases of Party production such as selling “Zhongguang”, selling “the land of the State Development Academy”, the case of the Fubon Union North Bank and the occupation of the KMT’s party’s production of 200 billion yuan. . (China Taiwan Network Lu Jiajing)