Ma Ying-jeou was sued for "Leaked Secret Case" and Taiwan's "High Court" reverted to April


Ma Ying-jeou was sued for "Leaked Secret Case" and Taiwan's "High Court" reverted to April

Ma Ying-jeou was sued for Leaked Secret Case and Taiwan's High Court reverted to April

China Taiwan Net May 15th, according to Taiwan’s “China Times” Ma Ying-jeou, the former Taiwan leader, was sued by the Taiwan prosecutor for "covering secret cases." He was found not guilty in the first instance. After the prosecution filed an appeal, the Ma-Taiwan "high court" fired in pain and criticized the prosecutor for suing him. Insufficient efforts to "play the scarecrow", Taiwan "high court" concluded on the 15th sentence, sentenced to Ma Ying-jeou in April, Tesco fined.

The Taiwan prosecutors sued and accused Ma that on August 31, 2013, the former chief of the court “Wang Jinping” “Justice” related to the report was leaked to the Taiwan authorities before the “Executive Director Jiang Yihua and Luo Zhiqiang, deputy secretary-general of the former Maban Office; on September 4th, Huang Shiming again delivered the report to Jiang Yihua, involving four crimes: the so-called “criminal law”, “leaking offense”, “communication security and supervision law”.

Taipei’s grounds believe that the horse constitutes a crime of “disclosure,” but he is exercising the position of a leader in the Taiwan region to resolve disputes between “hospitals” and “hospitals.” The constitutional regulations in Taiwan can prevent illegal activities and teach The prosecutor of the leaked secret has insufficient evidence. Based on the principle of “suspecting the suspect and prosecuting the defendant”, the verdict is not guilty and the prosecution is not satisfied with the appeal.

In addition, the Democratic Progressive Party’s civil leader Ke Jianming’s self-accused Taiwanese leader Ma Ying-Jiu was suspected of “teaching and espionage” and “defamation”. After hearing the “High Court” in Taiwan last year, he considered that Ma heard Wen’s “prosecutor’s chief”. After Huang Shiming’s report, convening the “President of the Executive Yuan” and others to discuss the solution to the issue was in line with the status quo of Taiwan’s political operations and the “constitutional government system.” In part because of the lack of “true malice”, Ma Ying-jeou was found guilty of acquittal.

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