Wuhan cracks down on the first case of stealing a shared car


Wuhan cracks down on the first case of stealing a shared car

Original headline: Photo: Wuhan cracks the first case of stealing a shared car Detach a GPS to take a car key Men are detained for “exclusive” cars

Wuhan cracks down on the first case of stealing a shared car

Chutian Metropolis Daily pictured as stolen shared car

Wuhan cracks down on the first case of stealing a shared car

The picture shows the vehicle's vehicle system and two sets of concealed GPS equipment was removed

Chutian Metropolis Daily (Reporter Ye Wenbo correspondent Huang Juan, Lei Lei) The apparent appearance of the shared car body was torn off, the vehicle license plate was damaged and altered, and two sets of concealed GPS devices were installed. Demolition, the car key was also taken away ... Yesterday, Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Qingshan police in Wuhan that the Xingouqiao police station had uncovered a case of stealing and sharing a car. This was the first case of theft and sharing of cars that was uncovered in Wuhan.

Shared bicycles and shared cars can be seen everywhere on the street. This is for the convenience of the general public. However, some people have turned their heads. On May 7, the Xingouqiao police station in Qingshan District received an alarm from employees of the shared auto company Greentech. The company’s shared car disappeared in GPS positioning and was very likely to be stolen. They repeatedly searched and eventually found the car to stop at the station. Street neighborhood roadside. It is reported that the market price of the car is about 200,000 yuan.

After receiving the alarm, the policemen Zheng Changge, Zhou Hua, and Auxiliary Police rushed to the location of the vehicle, arresting the suspect and the suspect Zhu on the spot. When he was arrested, Zhu was bending over and dipped in the car's equipment inside the car. The police found a set of suspected crime tools from their carry-on backpack. All these were taken by law enforcement recorders.

The police brought Zhu back to the police station and Zhu denied the car theft. At the same time, another road police investigated the situation of shared cars. According to Greentech’s report, Zhu and his associates rented a car on May 4. The shared car was greatly modified by Zhu: The apparent “shared” appearance mark on the vehicle body was torn off; the vehicle license plate was damaged and altered; a car system under the plate andTwo sets of covert GPS devices were dismantled; the chain of linked car keys was cut off, and the car keys were carried by Zhue.... These were all cases that Zhu and his associates had only appeared after renting on May 4. Based on this, Zhu’s attempt to turn “shared cars” into “exclusive” is very obvious.

To thoroughly investigate the situation after the car was rented on May 4th, a special class of police officers searched for the vehicle and driver's activities in the city surveillance video by obtaining video of the shared car stop and charging station. Track. The video recording can confirm the suspicion of Zhu and his associates stealing cars, dismantling in-vehicle equipment, and modifying the appearance of vehicles.

The police intensified their review efforts. In the face of hard evidence, Zhu eventually surrendered and surrendered the criminal fact of stealing shared cars. According to preliminary investigation by the police, Zhu was unemployed. He changed the "shared car" to "exclusive" and used it for his own use. He often drove out at night. Castle Peak police introduced the suspect's removal of GPS, cutting off the wire rope to take the car keys, tearing off the “shared” appearance, and cut off the normal contact between the car and the operator. He secretly used the vehicle as his own. Obviously, his behavior is consistent with the crime of theft.

Currently, Zhu is criminally detained on suspicion of stealing a shared car. The case is still under investigation.

Editors Yi Qiaoqiao