Trump launched a ban on the revocation of ZTE, why A shares did not soar? Where will the market go from here? Allison stock review


Trump launched a ban on the revocation of ZTE, why A shares did not soar? Where will the market go from here? Allison stock review

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Trump made a push and was ready to put ZTE on the horse. For this result, Zhan Hao in yesterday's article "Original 丨 China 5 Jeju to achieve Jedi counterattack: Trump tweet order, ZTE can start! 》We have done a thorough analysis and we will not repeat them here. This is a stock review today. It wants to negotiate with China and the United States to analyze the future development of the capital market.

If we remember, the Sino-U.S. stock market plunged when the Sino-U.S. trade war started. However, when Trump launched a plan to announce its plan to lift the ban on ZTE, the A-shares did not show much excitement. They just collected a Xiaoyang cross line. What is the reason?

In Zhanhao’s opinion, there are three basic reasons for this trend:

I. The market has already digested the expectations of the ban on ZTE. Someone may have said, why did Trump not digest the market yet? The reason is that China and the United States reached an agreement when the U.S. trade delegation visited the United States and established a communication mechanism. At the time, China had made solemn representations regarding the US sanctions against China’s ZTE, which meant that the United States’ compromise with the US attitude toward ZTE has become a barometer of whether the Sino-U.S. trade war situation has truly eased. In this case, the market began to rise after reaching a consensus on the communication mechanism. So when Trump announced the news, the market was not so excited but was waiting for follow-up news.

II. Although China and the United States reached a consensus of communicationOpinions, and Trump also stated that he wants to lift the ban, but the market is still uncomfortable with what kind of compromise China and the United States will reach, so the market is watching.

3. Technically, it has actually reached a pressure level, and the market needs a technical correction.

The above three reasons led the stock market to not rise sharply because of Trump's announcement of good news. However, this does not mean that there is no room for growth in the market outlook. On the contrary, if China and the United States subsequently compromise on trade negotiations over market expectations, the rebound will continue and the rate will increase.

In Zhanhao’s opinion, the following directions: the GEM, the new economy, new areas, industrial upgrading, and consumption upgrading must be the major opportunities in the future, and investors deserve long-term attention.

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Trump launched a ban on the revocation of ZTE, why A shares did not soar? Where will the market go from here? Allison stock review

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