A 14-year-old boy in Henan Province makes a gift for Mother's Day when he falls into the river.


A 14-year-old boy in Henan Province makes a gift for Mother's Day when he falls into the river.

Original headline: A 14-year-old boy from Henan Province made a Mother's Day gift as a gift for Mother's Day and fell into the river.

May 13 was Mother's Day. Before his son's body, she cried sadly. Her 14-year-old son accidentally fell into the river when she picked up shells on the side of Zhaohe Park in the morning and prepared to give her mother and grandmother a gift for “Mother's Day.” Although the Jingshe County Public Security Fire Brigade officers and soldiers, the government flag The public security bureau police station and the Nanyang Blue Sky Rescue Team made every effort to rescue them, but their children eventually returned to fatigue due to drowning. It is reported that on the previous day, a middle school student in Chengwan Town, Tongbai County, was swimming in a reservoir, and his strength did not support his death. In the past two weeks, five students in the city have been drowned and their family members are all distraught. The promotion and promotion of waterlogging prevention knowledge has become an urgent task.

It is reported that the Shibuhe Reservoir in Tongbai County is located in Denghe Village, Chengwan Township, Tongbai County. The reservoir is also the upper reaches of the Triassic River, a tributary of the Tang River in the Yangtze River Basin. The drainage area of ​​the reservoir is 335 square kilometers, and the length of the main channel is 41.58 kilometers. The water depth is 1 to 3 meters.


Kid safety education must be placed first

Nanyang within the last half month The Blue Sky Rescue Team has received five requests for help. The drowning students are all students. At present, the Nanyang Blue Sky Rescue Team is carrying out flood prevention safety knowledge promotion activities in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city. So far, it has organized nearly 100 activities.

Aiming at the continuing incident of death, the blue sky rescue team has guarded against flooding. Tip: With the onset of the hot summer, the tragic incidents of drowning as a result of young children's adventurous play of water have occurred from time to time. Lishui is already the number one killer of children, and flood prevention education has become an urgent task. For the child's healthy growth, I earnestly hope that parents will actively cooperate with them. No matter how busy we are, we always put our children's safety education in the first place and do a good job in safety education.

The weather is hot gradually. I hope all of my friends will keep an eye on them if you find that minors are swimming, playing and playing in ponds, rivers, reservoirs, etc. without guardians. Please be sure to stop it in time! Start with you and me, start with participation and start from around!

Please pay attention to parents and children

1 , the common time when muddy water occurs: 1. AfternoonAfter school; 2. Saturday and Sunday; 3. Holidays; 4. Summer vacation.

II. Reasons for the death of drowning: 1. Playing at the water's edge, splashing fish into the water, and dropping into the water; 2. Children playing under the river without permission; 3. Swimming in groups .

Educate children to do “six inaccuracies”

1. Do not swim privately;

2. Do not engage with others Swimming together;

3. Not swimming without parents or teachers;

4. Not swimming in waters without safety facilities and rescue workers;

< p>5. Swimming in unfamiliar waters;