Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!


Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

Tropen, who loves social networking, has sent 37,500 tweets so far. For ZTE’s 80,000 employees and 310,000 shareholders, there is no single tweet that can be “thirst-quenching” more quickly than it was on Sunday.

Thursday at 13 o'clock on the 13th (US local time on the 13th around 11 am), Trump released tweets:

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

"I and Chairman Xi are working together to provide China's telecommunications giant ZTE with a fast track of returning to business.


(Zhong sanctioned) caused too many jobs to be lost in China. I have instructed the US Department of Commerce to complete the formalities as soon as possible.”

Each mini-series notes that this is from the U.S. Department of Commerce The announcement of sanctions against ZTE was just over 28 days ago. Just five days ago, ZTE Corporation also issued an announcement saying that "the company's main business activities can no longer be carried out."

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

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Trump personally announced the lifting of this "Hop", which is a refreshing experience for ZTE people. Timely rain.

Recalling the 28 days of this shock, ZTE Corporation actively ran for difficulties, and even 76-year-old founder Mr. Hou Weigui also stepped in and personally went out.

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

Zhongxing is now in the midst of the dawn of crisis. We can wait and see if we can show the phoenix nirvana and the rebirth.

Trump suddenly announced “lifting the ban”

Every small editor has noticed that Trump’s “remove ban” on ZTE after Twitter’s announcement on mainstream financial media in the US Netizens caused a strong reaction. Three hours after the launch of this tweet, there were 16,500 related tweets on the Twitter platform.

As of the release of the Daily Economic News, according to a number of U.S. media reports including the New York Times, Trump and the U.S. Department of CommerceWithout further comment, the person in charge of ZTE in the United States did not respond to the email requesting comment.

However, Jacobson, a litigation lawyer who represents ZTE's collective interests in U.S. suppliers, said "I'm totally surprised!"

Washington Post Review In the past, the President of the United States personally arranged for the work of the executive branch. This was very rare in the past, and it also showed that Trump attached great importance to the ZTE case.

For this news that made everyone feel surprised, American netizens also have a lot of comments.

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

Toolttime believes that trade disputes should be resolved peacefully . "If the whole world is going to impose sanctions on the United States, what will happen to our lives? I am very scared about it."

User Louz Watt said, "This is really amazing, but then back then, It is a mistake for rashly to impose sanctions on ZTE."

The shock of 28 days, turning dangerous to safety

For all the Zhongxing people, this happened in less than a month in the past. All stress and sadness may be unforgettable.

After the initial release of the crisis, let's review the 28-day experience, but do not have a good time.

On April 16, US local time, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would prohibit US companies from selling components to ZTE within the next seven years.

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

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< z> ZTE subsequently announced the suspension of trading in the A-share and H-share markets, while the share price of some of its US suppliers fell sharply.

On April 17, ZTE announced the launch of the crisis response working group and went all out to face the crisis. On the same day, the Ministry of Commerce stated that it will pay close attention to the progress of the situation and stands ready to take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.

According to the research report of BOC International and other securities companies at that time, ZTE's inventory equipment could last about 2 months. Foreign media reports believe that after the equipment sales ban,ZTE may not even be authorized to use the Google Android operating system.

On April 20, ZTE held a press conference at its headquarters in Shenzhen. Yin Yimin, chairman of ZTE Corporation, said that such sanctions will put the company into a state of shock. Yin Yimin also emphasized that "We firmly oppose the decision made by the US Department of Commerce and firmly oppose unfair and unreasonable punishments ... The company will solve the problem through all legal means."

As a global company that has grown up in China, ZTE Corporation will take on the responsibilities that Chinese companies should have, and will be even more exuberant."

On April 25, ZTE Announced It shows that the company is actively communicating and coordinating with relevant US government departments. “The management of the company has decided to take certain actions related to this order that can be taken under relevant US laws.”

On May 4, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China stated in a reporter’s question that during the Sino-US economic and trade consultations held from the 3rd to the 4th, the Chinese side made solemn representations with the US regarding the ZTE Corporation case. The U.S. side stated that it attaches importance to China’s representations and will report to the U.S. president on China’s position.

On May 6th, ZTE announced the latest progress in its announcement. “The company has formally submitted an application for a suspension of execution refusal order to BIS (US Department of Commerce Industry and Security Bureau) and submitted it in accordance with BIS guidelines. Responding to the refusal order supplemental materials.”

On May 9, ZTE issued a notice of progress on major issues, saying that due to the refusal order, the company’s main business activities could no longer be carried out. However, at present, the company has sufficient cash and sticks to commercial credit on the premise of legal compliance. The company and related parties are actively communicating with relevant US government agencies to promote the U.S. government to adjust or cancel the refusal order.

On May 10th, the good news finally came! The Wall Street Journal reported that a spokesperson for the export control of the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security said that the U.S. Department of Commerce is reviewing the complaint materials submitted by ZTE and will give timely consideration to the appeal materials.

According to data from research firm counterpoint, in 2017, ZTE firmly took fourth place in the US smart phone market, with the market share second only to Apple, Samsung and LG.

Trump said it will resume ZTE's business and ZTE has ushered in a major turnaround!

According to the latest data from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in 2017, ZTE Corporation had 2,965 PCT patent applications, ranking second in the world, second only to Huawei (4024). This is also the top three global rankings of ZTE for eight consecutive years, which means that ZTE has become one of the major patent holders in the global communications industry.

WIPO expects that with the excellent performance of Huawei and ZTE, China will surpass the United States in two to three years and become the largest source of patent applications in the global communications field.

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