A 14-year-old boy in Henan province collapsed and died as a gift for Mother's Day.


A 14-year-old boy in Henan province collapsed and died as a gift for Mother's Day.

Original title: Henan's 14-year-old juvenile shell collapsed as a mother's day gift after the flood and how to save his life

May 13 is Mother's Day, in Sheqi County Zhaohe Park, A mother cried sadly before his son's body. Her 14-year-old son accidentally fell into the river when she picked up shells on the side of Zhaohe Park in the morning and prepared to give her mother and grandmother a gift for “Mother's Day.” Although the Jingshe County Public Security Fire Brigade officers and soldiers, the government flag The public security bureau police station and the Nanyang Blue Sky Rescue Team made every effort to rescue them, but their children eventually returned to fatigue due to drowning. It is reported that on the previous day, a middle school student in Chengwan Town, Tongbai County, was swimming in a reservoir, and his strength did not support his death. In the past two weeks, five students in the city have been drowned and their family members are all distraught. The promotion and promotion of waterlogging prevention knowledge has become an urgent task. 》》Recommendation: Metro station woman sat down to report to the headmaster in the morning distressed to move the chair for it

Drainage self-rescue method

No Swimmer's self-help

(1) Don't panic after falling into the water. Be sure to keep your head awake.

(2) Calmly take the top of the head and mouth upwards to expose the nose and mouth out of the water.

(3) Breath should be shallow and the air should be as deep as possible to keep the body afloat to wait for others to rescue.

(4) Remember: You must not raise your hand or struggle, because it is easy to sink.

Self-rescue of swimmers

(1) It is usually due to calf muscles in the calf that cause diarrhea. They should be calm and call for help.

(2) He hugs his body and floats to the surface.

(3) Take a deep breath and immerse your face in water. Pull the thumb of your lower limbs forward and upwards to pull your thumb up and keep pushing until the pain disappears. Stop.

(4) After an episode, the same site can be cramped again, so it is necessary to fully massage the pain and swim slowly to the shore. After going ashore, it is best to massage and heat the affected area.

(5) If the wrist muscles cramp, you can flex your fingers up and down and take a back position to swim on both feet.

First aid method after drowning

1. To drown the drowning man out of the water is the primary premise. This need not be mentioned. Remember that the precondition for saving is to ensure the safety of oneself. The correct approach is to call for help and look for objects that can be saved. It's best not to go under the deep water.

If the situation does not permit, how do you have to go into the water? It's too big to splash in the water, and it's already panicked. No matter how good you are, you can't rescue it from the front! You can only hold his feet or something, so that he can not hold you with your hand.

2. After the drowning person is rescued from the water, the people on the edge must use paper or cleanup items that can be obtained at that time to clean out mud and other foreign materials from the drooling person's nose and mouth. Dentures are to be removed and their tongues pulled out.

3. After clearing the nasal cavity and mouth, the drowning person with collar and waistband should release the collar and waistband. The female drowning person should also loosen the wrapped underwear and bra.

4. Pour the water, the TV is often used to press the drowning person's abdomen, in addition to this method can also be used on the top of your knees drowning person's stomach. For lighter children, you can also pour water out of your shoulders.

5. After the water is poured out, the drowning person will have to undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation before he is awake. This first-aid procedure requires professionally trained people to operate if the surrounding people do not understand the cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The method was immediately sent to the hospital.

Do not forget that the first step is always to play 120, but 120 may not be able to come in time, so everyone is best to have the knowledge of two kinds of first aid. """ reading recommendation: Chongqing passenger plane prepared to drop Chengdu Sichuan Airlines hero captain debut about the 20-minute landing process