Israel's and Iran's bitter grudges


Israel's and Iran's bitter grudges

Israel's and Iran's bitter grudges

On May 10th, Israel The military announced that the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards-Coats fired about 20 rockets into the Syrian Golan Heights they occupied. The Israeli military used the "iron shovel" air defense system and shot down the majority of incoming rockets. casualties. Reuters stated that the Israeli army had retaliated against various targets such as Iran’s air defense forces. Syrian state-run media claimed that Syria’s air defense system intercepted Israeli missiles. The Israeli army believed that the attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was a serious incident. The fire of the Iraqi-Israeli war is growing. The situation in the Middle East is moving in the direction of losing control.

The origin of grudges

For a long time in history, Iran (Persians) He had a friendly relationship with Israel (Jews). Even after the Jewish establishment in 1948, the Jewish people and the Shi’ite Persians had a long and friendly relationship due to the fact that the main rivals of the Jews were the Sunni Arab countries in power. The de facto allies. At the time, the United States and the Pahlavi dynasty were also in honeymoon, and Israel was also an agent of the United States’ interest in the Middle East. Both sides are the younger brothers of the United States. Therefore, the relations between Iraq and Israel are relatively harmonious and there is basically no dispute between the two sides. The turning point was the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 and the establishment of a unified political and religious system. Iran intends to export religious fundamentalist Khomeini's fundamentalist ideology and seek the development of its own military power. This has conflicted with the security interests that Israel is seeking. As a result, the relations between the two countries have become tense. With the deteriorating relations between the United States and Iran, and Israel firmly standing on the side of the United States, Iran and Israel have also become enemies step by step.

Israeli in disorder in Syria

The Americans never thought that they were confused The situation in Syria is like opening Pandora's Box. Through the attack on the “Islamic State” extremist forces, Russia and Iran’s forces quickly entered Syria. Iran sent troops directly to help Assad’s central government regain most of the country’s land. In return, Iran’s military in SyriaPower has gradually become a climate, and the possibility of Iran’s permanent garrison in Syria is growing. According to reports, Iran builds military facilities along the Lebanese-Israeli border and the Syrian-Israeli border and deploys combatants. This means that Iran’s military forces will be integrated into two Israeli northern neighbors, Lebanon and Syria, and the ground will invade. Israel is about to become a reality. These military installations are only 5 kilometers from the nearest Israeli border. Once deployed, they can launch a full-scale offensive against Israel. Israel believes that Iran has deployed 82,000 soldiers at these military strongholds, including 60,000 Syrians, 9,000 Hezbollah members and 13,000 Iranian military personnel. Israel feels a great threat. Israel has repeatedly emphasized that these military personnel and military facilities will be cleared at all costs. Israel’s recent intermittent cross-border attacks are also focused on these goals.

At the beginning of this year, Israel accused Iranian drones of taking off at Syrian military bases and invading Israeli airspace. In February, an Israeli F-16 fighter plane was shot down in Syria. Israel once claimed that this was what the Iranian military had done. Then Israel took an opportunistic revenge on Iran and directly launched an accurate strike against the Iranian military target in Syria. The most striking is the Israeli bombing of the Syrian "T-4" air base on April 9. This base, which is hidden deep in the deserts of central Syria, is Syria’s largest air force base. The drones that invaded Israel are believed to have taken off from here. Russian and Syrian media said that Israel dispatched two F-15 fighter jets that day and launched 5-8 missiles from Lebanese airspace. Syrian Human Rights Watch, based in the United Kingdom, claimed that at least 14 people had been killed by the bombing and Iran’s Fars News Agency had admitted that three Iranians had died. On April 30, Israel took advantage of the opportunity of the coalition airstrikes against Syria to launch several missiles in the Syrian Hamas community, which led directly to the loss of more than 40 people, including Iranian soldiers. It is reported that among the more than 40 people, there are Iranian soldiers whom Israel believes shot down its fighter planes.

Recently, Israel boasted that it had mastered a so-called document on Iran’s nuclear weapons research program. It tried to show that Iran’s nuclear weapons research was still secretly conducted after Iran’s nuclear agreement, which made it famous for attackers in Iran. It also provided the best excuse for the Trump administration to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement.

More disturbing is thatIn order to implement a military strike against Iran, the Israeli parliament has authorized the prime minister and the defense minister to declare war with each other. This has even increased the uncertainty of the outbreak of the Iraq war, and has also aggravated the risk of turmoil in the Middle East.

There is someone behind you who is supporting

Although Israel is a small country of projectiles, it has developed military and scientific strength. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has almost never stopped its battle with other countries. Through five wars in the Middle East, it has also occupied large areas of land originally belonging to Arabs, such as the Syrian Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Israel’s arrogance in the Middle East is rooted in the support of the United States. Especially when it comes to military affairs, the United States will always provide aid to ensure that it will not be able to lose any time when it is fighting tight with other countries. Therefore, Israel always dares to take action against other Arab countries, especially the neighboring countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt. It is always abrupt, precise, and swift, and it never drudges and has no intelligence support from the United States, especially With satellite intelligence and support for advanced strike weapons, Israel cannot do this.

After the "September 11th Incident," the United States launched a war on terror, and Iran was included on the blacklist of nations supporting international terrorism. It was called the "axis of evil." The United States and Iran have further antagonized each other. As a spokesperson for the United States in the Middle East, Israel has naturally been subjected to Iran’s taboos and hatred. The U.S. launch of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq prompted the U.S. and Israel to form a geo-environment for Iran, and Iran’s geopolitical security environment was destroyed. This is also an important reason for the deterioration of bilateral relations.

The president of the United States signed a nuclear agreement with Iran during the presidential period. The situation between the United States and Iraq has eased from tensions, but the Israeli government of Netanyahu strongly opposes this. Israel believes that Iran will not give up the development of nuclear weapons because of the signing of a nuclear agreement. Iran’s nuclear dominance is a set of shackles on Israel’s neck. After the Trump administration took office, the U.S.-Israel position on the Iranian issue is highly consistent, adding even more Israel's strength and courage to fight Iran. In 2017, the United States sold nine state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets to Israel, making Israel the third country in the world after the United States and China to equip fifth-generation fighter jets. This made it possible to occupy air strikes in the Middle East. Israel is even more powerful. Early this year, the departmentWitt newspapers reported that Israel dispatched two F-35 stealth fighter planes to fly over Iraq, Syria, arrived in Iranian airspace, conducted reconnaissance and target identification for the areas of Bandar Abbas, Isfahan and Shiraz, and was allegedly not Iranian or anti-stealth radar found in Syria. Although experts analyzed this is not a fact, but from previous wars, the Israelis have this courage, they are good at and dare to take risks.

On April 29, the new U.S. Secretary of State Pompei Australia visited Israel and Israel complained to him that Iran is building a military base and missile launching system in Syria that is close to the Syrian-Israeli border area that can attack Israel. Iran has begun conducting large-scale cross-border attacks on Israeli military maneuvers. In this regard, Pengpeo expressed deep concern. He pointed out that the U.S. government is very concerned about Iran’s endangerment of forces in the expanding region of the Middle East. The U.S. strongly supports Israel’s exercise of its right to self-defense and hints at supporting Israel’s efforts to launch cross-border attacks against Iran. Undoubtedly, whether Israel can wage war on Iran or not, the support of the United States is an important factor. Pompeo’s position has actually given Israel a green light against Iran. Almost at the same time, Israel conducted airstrikes on the military bases in Syria’s cities Homs and Aleppo, resulting in the death of more than 20 soldiers, including Iranians.

However, there is strong support from Russia behind Iran. In addition to self-development, Iran’s weapons are mostly Russian equipment. After the Khomeini revolution, Iran formed a nearly alliance with the former Soviet Union and later Russia. Russia regards Iran as an important partner and main assistant to counter US interests in the Middle East. Russia has sold its weapons such as the S-300 air defense missile system to Iran, and Iran has also purchased weapons and equipment such as MiG and Su series aircraft. Israel wants to crack down on Iranian forces in Syria. Of course, it must go through Russia to ensure that it does not damage Russia’s interest in the Middle East. On May 9, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu personally went to Moscow to participate in the commemoration of the greatness of Russia. The 73rd anniversary of the victory of the national war was discussed with President Putin who was re-elected.

Syrian people are really devastated

Looking at the map of the Middle East, Israel and Iran The two countries do not border on each other. How could two countries 1600 kilometers apart play it? Actually, inIn the Middle East, Israel is not afraid. Only Iran is afraid. Iran has an 80 million population and 50-600,000 regular troops. Israel has only a few million people and a regular army of 100,000 people. It is not at all in an order of magnitude, let alone that Iran also holds a nuclear bomb. ! Many experts believe that it is impossible for the two countries to launch direct conflicts because they are far apart from each other and they are expensive to fight. Then the war can only be triggered by third parties. This third party is Syria. In the five Middle East wars, Syria was an Israeli rival. Israel had long wanted to kill the Assad regime and then quickly. Now that Iranian military forces have entered Syria and are pressing against Israel’s borders, Israel is reluctant to swallow it? Iran has cultivated Hezbollah’s armed forces in Lebanon and made it right. The Syrian government allowed Iranian forces to expand in Syria. Israel is certainly not shy about Syria.

Syria has become a nation of military exercises. Forces from all sides infiltrated this competition and various types of weapons appeared in this contest. Such poor and weak Syria can not help but think of the 1904 Russo-Japanese War. At that time, the Japanese Empire and Tsarist Russia fought, but the battlefield was placed in the northeast of the Great Qing Dynasty! Israel is known as the Middle East bully, but Iran is a major overlord in the Middle East. The bully over the great hegemony, no matter who wins or loses, suffers hardships and suffers from the Syrian people who have been devastated by war.

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