"Let's go to the toilet" is not as simple as the surface


"Let's go to the toilet" is not as simple as the surface

When students go to the toilet during class, they need to fill in the leave request, but also to find two teachers to sign? Recently, a class of special leave request in Linyi City, Yunnan Province triggered a heated discussion among netizens. In response, the relevant teachers of the school responded that this leave is mainly aimed at students with poor self-control ability, preventing them from going out of the toilet during class to smoke or performing some disciplinary activities that are unrelated to learning. (May 15 Yunnan Net)

On the toilet also to leave, but also to sign the two words, indeed enough to get rid of abnormal. However, it is even more noteworthy that why this school, that is, Linyi No.1, even has students to go to the toilet to be so strict or harsh?

Baidu, it is not difficult to find, this is a school similar to Hengshui school, each year the college entrance examination rate is very high, there are very many high score students, Baidu Post Bar "Linyi There was even a topic like "What kind of experience is a student attending Linyi No. 1?".

While Linyi is geographically located on the southwest side, its location is not dominant and its economy is not developed. For children in such places, the college entrance examination is the main way for them to change their destiny. The exam-oriented education, which is mainly based on the examination scores, is often criticized by people. However, the fate of countless ordinary people has indeed changed through the college entrance examination.

Knowing this and then looking back at this somewhat odd leave request, some things are not so difficult to understand.

This leave is actually a microcosm of a semi-militarized management of a school that is oriented toward higher education. Just like Hengshui, it can not only create an eye-catching rate for further studies, but also because it is strict. To the extreme, it was even criticized as "inhumanity" and abnormal management.

From a human perspective, this approach is indeed not humane enough. Say "people have three urgency" and "internal urgency" is clearly ranked first. Last toilet needs to find two different teachers to sign two characters. If it is really anxious, one lap will turn down, and you may urinate pants early. Inside.

From a management point of view, because some classmates sneak out and smoke under the name of the toilet, all students are punished. It is inconvenient. This is by no means an effective management. Laziness in management.

Of course, someone might say that when it comes to roots, this is an exam-oriented education thatQuality education is just fine. However, on the topic of this secondary school on the Internet, students who graduated for many years said that without the strict management of their alma mater, they may still be unable to get out of that remote little place. Because of the quality education of students in big cities, especially in coastal big cities, their place may never be able to fight. Therefore, there is also a problem of unbalanced educational resources.

Therefore, for the discussion evoked by this small incident, we should not only stay in the incident itself, contact the background of the incident, or everyone will have more thoughts.

Text / Zhang Nanzhi