Confused Eddie Peng issued a statement of entertainment

Recently, Eddie Peng studio issued a statement. In "Bai Baihe derailed incident, Eddie Peng studio issued a statement for gossip and other events, the network passed on his and Bai Baihe's sex scandal" positive response relationship brokerage team has repeatedly clarified Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe no colleagues outside the still distorted reports, we expressed regret and dissatisfaction".Confused Eddie Peng issued a statement of entertainment

Studio today to formally clarify the lawyer's letter, asking the media to understand the relevant practitioners. In the future, we will no longer tolerate malicious acts of quoting false rumors". The Zhuo Wei two days exposed Bai Baihe derailed the news, so that a variety of online speech frequently, suddenly talking about.

According to a statement from the Eddie Peng studio, the two are only partners at work, without any improper relationship. Studio issued a statement clarifying the relationship between the two, the public opinion of the impact of the Bai Baihe derailment. Entertainment this is the case, once the event broke, there will be involved in the CO actor. Based on entertainment, the need is not only high emotional intelligence, as well as their own perseverance and bottom line.