The professor has become today's drug trafficking zombie prisoner driven by the interests of


The professor has become today's drug trafficking zombie prisoner driven by the interests of

Original title: Professor of medicine and trafficking into today's Zombie prisoner, driven by the interests of

Introduction: Recently, a professor of medicine and trafficking of zombie news caused concern. Wuhan Customs Bureau investigators: in 2015 May, Ministry of Public Security Bureau narcotics was identified and the eight parcel with two parcel is a kind of mental state drug control, six additional components are similar, the same type of similar composition but not included in the regulation. After six months of investigation, customs anti smuggling officers in Wuhan

"Zombie medicine" in 2014 included in the regulation in our country

This was the call number 4 methylene two oxygen radical methcathinone, commonly known as "bath salts in Europe" and "zombie medicine", due to great damage on the human body by regulation. In January 1, 2014, China also included in the national regulation of psychotropic drugs directory. The anti smuggling officers also found from the analysis, behind these parcels, there must be a hidden gang.

After six months of investigation, the customs anti smuggling officers finally found a drug manufacturing dens in an industrial park in the suburbs of Wuhan.

Deputy director of the Hubei Wuhan Customs Bureau Peng Zhengde: make this kind of psychotropic drugs generally divided into three to four steps, each step between the division of labor have designated person in charge, no contact between the upper and lower, this gang of drug trafficking drug trafficking smuggling a dragon.

A large number of associate professor of chemical manufacturing drugs

June 17, 2015, the Wuhan customs and Excise Department jointly with the local public security organs, successfully captured a high 8 suspects. It was found that, as a professor of Wuhan, a famous university professor Zhang only during March 20, 2014 to October 24th, on the production of 193 kilograms of psychotropic drugs.

Driven by the interests of Zhang from a university professor as incarnation of the television drama "breaking bad", became today's prisoner.