Female reporter was killed to take you away from domestic violence. Domestic violence harm!


Female reporter was killed to take you away from domestic violence. Domestic violence harm!

Micro signal: private doctor CCMTV (xsongshu_zhibo)

In April 6, 2016 seven pm, who lives in Inner Mongolia Ordos Hangjinqi Ah Mui at home died due to rescue invalid. According to family members, the day before the birth of Ah Mui had been beaten husband kim. After two months of waiting, June 12th, her family received the book autopsy expert opinion issued by the Public Security Bureau of Hangjinqi, expert opinion that the cause of death is her head repeatedly by the death of intracranial hemorrhage caused by blunt force.

The day before, the CCTV reporter rushed to the Erdos to relevant personnel interview, found in his lifetime Ah Mui was repeatedly in order to avoid violence, the majority of women and the same ah, today we will talk about, women have been domestic violence can do?

1, understand the harm of domestic violence

Female reporter was killed to take you away from domestic violence. Domestic violence harm!

The first reaction of many women to meet domestic violence, to preserve the family. With his children, his children, and his family. But what do you think about the consequences? For you, with your marriage, your child will be what kind of harm? Domestic violence, he is not a compromise can solve the problem, in the face of serious domestic violence, we even need to use life to end it, I don't think that violence is alarmist, every one of us should refuse.

2. Think about your children

Female reporter was killed to take you away from domestic violence. Domestic violence harm!

A lot of people are trapped in a misunderstanding, it is not good for children of divorce, so please think about two questions, your husband's violence does not extend to your kids? You and your husband's violence behavior will cause great shadow on the child's psychological, you don't calculate? Think your tolerance is good for children to give children a complete family.

In fact, for children, not looking at the harmonious family, and even watched their favorite mother was his favorite father, the hearts of young children is a big blow, and the domestic violence act wouldn't bad to teach your child to speak with his fist?

3, we must retain evidence of injury

In case of necessity to injury to the hospital, let the doctor issued certificate of diagnosis, request the police arrangements do forensic identification, can give their own trauma pictures, once the requirements of divorce proceedings, as these measures can be used as evidence of domestic violence, and even held responsible person of related legal liability basis, if measures are not taken not only the violence of the people are not punished, once in divorce proceedings to claim compensation may not be supported by the court.

4, choose divorce

If domestic violence occurs frequently and there is no effective solution when the divorce is final, but also one of the most effective way to solve.

Female friends to stay away from male domestic violence? Below we are a family of violent men some features.

Male: a distorted personality characteristics of domestic violence

Mania, depression, schizophrenia, menopausal psychosis, effects of these are likely to lead to domestic violence. These diseases can be identified by medicine, in the normal life is also easy to distinguish.

Worthy of vigilance is that domestic violence is always the beginning, step by step, this person may only be in emotional temper, but slowly, began to slight hands, then fan palm, in the end, a runaway mood on what can be done.

But domestic violence is addiction, relapse, and will be more serious.

Male two: eccentric characteristics of domestic violence and emotional

Violent boys may be emotional and a second with the joy of your bickering, a second encounter differences shouted, you always do not know where his fried.

And when there are differences between you, he will quarrel with you, and will speak a quarrel to frighten you. Who knows what day he really will put these words into action!