Four major groups of banks to cut the size of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the 14090 reduction of the teller in


Four major groups of banks to cut the size of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the 14090 reduction of the teller in

Original title: the four major groups of banks thin body what causes this phenomenon?

Four banks collectively downsizing ICBC cut $14090 in. Last week a Chinese four bank earnings report said, by the end of 2016, the number of ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of Chinese China and China bank employees a total reduction of 17824 people, at least it is this phenomenon for the first time since 2011. Part of the reason for this is that Chinese banks are trying to cut down on some of its 3 million employees. CICC April 11th

Taiwan securities analyst in Shanghai Jeky said in a telephone interview Wednesday: "bank outlets are no longer need so many employees, online banking is now so advanced, customers no longer use so much cash transactions. People now expect banks to offer different services."

Nevertheless, banks are making great efforts to keep up with the swift China change the pace of the financial system, because the Tencent and the Alibaba's payment service payment service ants continue to erode their traditional business by providing more convenient mobile phone. According to the data provided by the China Banking Association, in 2016, more than 84% of China's bank transfer is not in the banking network, and in 2013 was about $63%.

China has about 3 million 800 thousand bank employees, according to bank regulators. According to the Bank of communications analyst in Shanghai, Zhou Kunping, et al. In a report in April 1st estimated that about 80% of them are bank teller.

These analysts said the bank, which is in sharp contrast with foreign banks. About 60% to 80% of employees in foreign banks are engaged in marketing and sales, while most of China's banking sector accounts for only about $20% to $30%.

China Banking Association said, the world's largest banks, more than 16 thousand outlets of the ICBC last year cut 14090 teller, some of them are direct teller cut, while the other part is transfer to other department personnel. China Construction Bank Teller number decreased by 30007, while the Agricultural Bank of China has reduced the number of teller 10842. Bank of communications analyst in the report also said that the continued job adjustment will help to make the number of Chinese banking teller in the next ten years to reduce the number of the number of the next 20%.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China said in its annual report, plans to control the total number of outlets, and install more automated teller machines (ATM), the development of online banking and other banking services rely on artificial intelligence.

China's major banks have also cut layoffs when faced with the pressure of performance. Thanks to cost cuts and lower than expected provision for bad debts, the total profit of four major banks in 2016 China barely avoided the first decline since 2004. Summary data show that China's four major banks in 2016 full year net profit of $858 billion 200 million, an increase of 0.2%.

According to the report, the total number of employees in China's top 2016 banks by the end of four was 1 million 630 thousand.

Summary of the data show that even after last year's layoffs, the number of listed banks in the world's largest number of employees in the rankings, there are still four in the top five banks in china. Bank of Russia ranked fourth.

Bank of China 2017

1 WeChat, Alipay no longer want to spend on flowers

In terms of mobile payments, the bank has three new regulations, first of all, banks and Payment institutions and customers prior to the agreed limit and the number of pens. If the user exceeds the limit and the number of pens, you can only go to the bank counter, payment accounts are not allowed to handle.

Secondly, the security verification methods have been strengthened. If the user to the bank account in addition to my own outdoor transfer, the cumulative amount of more than 50 thousand yuan a day, it can only be verified by digital certificates or electronic signatures and other payment instructions.

In addition, set up large transactions reminder. When the user transfers the non counter days were more than 1 million yuan, 300 thousand yuan, you will receive a large trading bank reminder in user confirmation can then be in operation.

2.ATM transfers a little trouble

The transfer has been cheated frequently, often said that if money can be back to it! Now after the implementation of the new regulations, this desire can really be achieved. December 1st onwards, the transfer of the ATM machine, regardless of the choice of real-time arrival, the average arrival or the next day to the account, the funds need to arrive after 24 hours. This means that the wrong account, cheated money can be recovered. To the extent that before the transfer becomes troublesome, loss of flexibility, and the transfer is a new scam, for example to give you money for going back to the situation occurred.

3 the interest rate on credit cards has been reduced

Credit card overdraft, has been a sad thing, the interest of human flesh. 2017 new regulations, the overdraft rate will be changed to 0.035%-0.05%, the implementation of the upper and lower management model.

Credit card overdraft interest rate cap for the daily interest rate of 5/10000, the lower limit of overdraft interest rate of 5/10000 times the daily interest rate of 0.7, which is 3/10000 points of five. At the same time, the calculation and settlement of credit card overdraft of credit card, and whether the interest rate and overflow payment standards determined by bank.

4 savings banks can only do a card

In accordance with the new provisions of the bank, in 2017, each person can only open a class I households in the same bank, in addition to class I households, but also want to open a new account, should open class II or class.

Class I, class II and class III family households big difference lies in the personal settlement account, the class I households personal opening, on-site verification of the identity of the counter in the bank account, with full function; class II and III households is through the bank counter or the Internet and other electronic channels to open a bank account with Co. need to use the function, and the class bound households.

5 long-term no account, some of the business will be canceled

As we all know, the current fraud, the account must be a liar to acquire or fake accounts. There is a common feature of these accounts, they will not be opened immediately after the account, and the average person to open an account immediately after the start of the use of.

Therefore, the provisions of the new regulations, the customer in the account within 6 months from the date, if there is no record of the transaction account, the bank will suspend the accounts of non counter business, Payment institutions to suspend all of its business. Only units and individuals to the banks and Payment institutions to verify their identity before they can resume business.

6 the same phone number corresponds to the same ID card

At present, with the use of mobile phone SMS verification code, SMS alerts and notification of important matters of balance function, mobile phone has become an important means of personal security and protection of personal identity verification banks and payment institutions. Correspondence between banks and Payment institutions shall set up a telephone number and personal identification number, unable to justify, should be related to bank account to suspend non counter business, payment account to suspend all operations.

7 "fines" exit stage, "penalty" baton

Late fee refers to the credit card repayment date, the actual amount is less than the minimum repayment amount, the minimum amount is not yet part of the funds to be paid. ,

After the introduction of the new regulations, the credit card, late fees officially quit the stage of history, but it is not not on the bank does not punish you, but instead to charge liquidated damages".

However, the bank's default payment is determined by the bank itself, so when you can choose a number of credit card comparison, to see which bank liquidated damages charge the most cost-effective.

8 credit card ATM machines take the new regulations, daily 10 thousand yuan

The new regulations, in 2017 with ATM cash extraction business, the limit increased to 10 thousand yuan.

This is a very convenient service for users to upgrade. The user should know before the office of the card, credit card cash withdrawal amount, cash transfer amount and fee standards, in addition, will also need to know whether the bank is allowed by credit card to WeChat, Alipay recharge, so that they can have a greater amount of use.

9 interest free repayment period or more than 60 days

Under the new regulations before the credit card interest free repayment period of up to 60 days, the first month of the minimum amount shall not be less than 10% month overdraft balances, the specific implementation, banks generally use 50 days and the longest repayment period, the longest 56 days.

After the release of the new regulations, interest free credit card will be more than 60 days. The provisions of the new regulations, cardholders enjoy interest free overdraft consumption repayment period will be determined independently by the issuing agency, which means the provisions of the existing overdraft interest free repayment period the longest period will be canceled, the issuer and the cardholder according to the business needs of self determined principle.

The length of the interest free period for investors to choose the credit card has an important impact on the bank's own credit card interest free period will be more attention, the user can choose after comparison.

10 credit card stolen brush, will be compensated

Credit card theft serious threat to credit card security. The new regulations on credit card theft put forward compensation". The new regulations, the issuing bank through commercial insurance and the provision of risk compensation fund, etc., on the cardholder's non authorized transaction (fraudulent) to be a reasonable compensation to protect the interests of cardholders.