Pick up the 5 million brightest express little brother is one who is lying?


Pick up the 5 million brightest express little brother is one who is lying?

Original title: pick up the 5 million brightest express little brother is one who is lying?

Gold hot spot(http://news.cngold.org/) 04 may 12,Pick up the 5 million brightest [express little brother is not in the end who is lying? ]Changsha an ordinary express little brother Tan Hui recently involved in a money crisis. He claimed that he was sent to pick up 5 million cash in the courier, call the police after the door of the two special police to take away the money, but then there is no less than the following 110. However, Changsha police denied Tan Hui had received the alarm, the police did not get 5 million cash. In the end who is lying? This incident quickly burst into a circle of friends, causing widespread concern and suspicion. Yesterday, Hunan officially announced the results of the investigation and handling Changsha police: things are from first to last express little brother lying. Eventually, Tan Huiyin disrupted public order by Changsha police sentenced to five days of administrative detention.

Read the report, I think, bragging "pick up 5 million" express little brother detention, not as the talk laugh, which reflects the deep-seated problems with a good warning to the public.

First, bragging can not break the bottom line. In recent years, the courier business is hot, running in the city's high streets and back lanes courier did a lot of good, but express little brother Tan Hui known to boast of breaking the bottom line. Bragging from reality based on the bank transfer is very convenient today, who will not have a security concept with 5 million in cash (two cases lost money) let you pick up? And this is a major question, is not a thing to poke to the media, media reports, television interview: "rhyme express" WeChat public No. said "millions", a media report is "not million", a television station reported that "5 million", a colleague of Tan Hui, said in an interview "2 million". It not only causes the distortion of the trust degree of the media, but also disturbs the public order.

Second, rumors to bear legal responsibility. Tan Hui has made the express little brother lies the crime of disrupting public order, even a rumor that express little brother two police took the 5 million, but did not turn over, has been exposed by the media. In this way, the police officers and the public security organs of the people's government should be punished by administrative detention.