Current political hot spots: the four major groups of banks thin what causes this phenomenon?


Current political hot spots: the four major groups of banks thin what causes this phenomenon?

Lead:China and the current political channels to update the political hot spots of domestic and international affairs, and to provide current political hot policy interpretation, theoretical observation, current events and current events such as political hot spots summary. Today, we are concerned about the current political hot spots: what are the reasons for the emergence of the phenomenon of the four banks collective downsizing?.

Last week a Chinese four bank earnings report said, by the end of 2016, the number of ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of Chinese China and China bank employees a total reduction of 17824 people, at least it is this phenomenon for the first time since 2011. Part of the reason for this is that Chinese banks are trying to cut down on some of its 3 million employees.

Taiwan securities analyst in Shanghai Jeky said in a telephone interview Wednesday: "bank outlets are no longer need so many employees, online banking is now so advanced, customers no longer use so much cash transactions. People now expect banks to offer different services."

Nevertheless, banks are making great efforts to keep up with the swift China change the pace of the financial system, because the Tencent and the Alibaba's payment service payment service ants continue to erode their traditional business by providing more convenient mobile phone. According to the data provided by the China Banking Association, in 2016, more than 84% of China's bank transfer is not in the banking network, and in 2013 was about $63%.

China has about 3 million 800 thousand bank employees, according to bank regulators. According to the Bank of communications analyst in Shanghai, Zhou Kunping, et al. In a report in April 1st estimated that about 80% of them are bank teller.

These analysts said the bank, which is in sharp contrast with foreign banks. About 60% to 80% of employees in foreign banks are engaged in marketing and sales, while most of China's banking sector accounts for only about $20% to $30%.

Chinese Banking Association said, the world's largest banks, more than 16 thousand outlets of the ICBC last year cut 14090 teller, some of them are direct teller cut, while the other part is transfer to other department personnel. China Construction Bank Teller number decreased by 30007, while the Agricultural Bank of China has reduced the number of teller 10842. Bank of communications analyst in the report also said that the continued job adjustment will help to make the number of Chinese banking teller in the next ten years to reduce the number of the number of the next 20%.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China said in its annual report, plans to control the total number of outlets, and install more automated teller machines (ATM), the development of online banking and other banking services rely on artificial intelligence.

China's major banks have also cut layoffs when faced with the pressure of performance. Thanks to cost cuts and lower than expected provision for bad debts, the total profit of four major banks in 2016 China barely avoided the first decline since 2004. Summary data show that China's four major banks in 2016 full year net profit of $858 billion 200 million, an increase of 0.2%.

According to the report, the total number of employees in China's top 2016 banks by the end of four was 1 million 630 thousand.