The four major groups of large banks cut off the financial technology giant teller


The four major groups of large banks cut off the financial technology giant teller

The four major groups of large banks cut off the financial technology giant teller

Panorama news network April 11thThe ancient Yue: "the poor are changed, change the pass, long general." Do things like this, the development of an industry can not escape the rise and fall of a change word. If the same when the overall development of a difficult industry, and will only decline down.

In recent years the Internet financial science and technology wings are strong goofy, Alipay is WeChat penetration type development, "sweep" has been omnipresent in life; the third party payment, personal finance, consumer loans and other fields, a trend which cannot be halted A new force suddenly rises. At the same time, accustomed to holding the "golden rice bowl" "lay money" traditional banks seem to be more and more disadvantage, shrinking business, customers in the loss, deposit big move, drop in profits, executives are frequent job hopping struck a banking tight heart.

WeChat Alipay who robbed the Bank of land bank is bound to "change".

The four major groups of large banks cut off the financial technology giant teller

Admittedly, WeChat, Alipay as the representative of the mobile payment provides great convenience for our social and economic life, can be said to have penetrated into our daily life. Consumer habits have changed, the bank also on the same? Mr Ma Alibaba a few years ago had shouted heroic utterance if banks do not change, we will change the bank." Obviously, the traditional banks have to have to change the time.

In recent years, accustomed to the comfort of the traditional bank is also changing. One of the changes is to extend the financial ecology of the Internet, the establishment of direct banking. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 60 banks direct banking on-line operation. The typical characteristics of direct banking is: customers do not need to download and install the bank outlets, mobile phone client, online account opening, risk assessment, fund collection, video authentication and other operations, with a one-stop direct bank financial product purchase.

Traditional banks downsizing imperative 3 million teller is the focus of the reduction of objects

Although the traditional banks are trying to keep up with the pace of development of the times, adapt to the swift change Chinese financial system to Alibaba, Tencent, but more convenient mobile phone payment services is still in steady erosion of their traditional business. Thus, downsizing is imperative.

Today, one of the most likely to eat the masses of nerves to eat melon is one of the events: the four major banks collective downsizing! 3 million teller is the focus of the reduction targets. According to Bloomberg News Agency quoted a report on the four China bank earnings analysis report said, by the end of 2016, the total number of employees of ICBC, China Construction Bank, agricultural bank, Bank of Chinese China China for 1 million 630 thousand people, 17824 people less than last year. This is the first time since 2011, the four lines of this phenomenon. In addition, the data from the bank regulators show that China currently has about 3 million 800 thousand bank employees, of which about 80% are tellers, which is the focus of the reduction of the 3 million employees.

The four major groups of large banks cut off the financial technology giant teller

Data sources: 2016 semi annual report and annual report data, the Banking Association

Once, tens of thousands of physical outlets across the corner of each big city are workers and peasants in the construction of the four lines of competitive advantage, and today in the Internet Financial mobile payment technology, especially under the impact of the wave, the size of the basic physical outlets have become big banks, reduce burden, poor profits decline, bank earnings growth significantly a slowdown in bank interest under the background of the downsizing and abolition of inefficient outlets outlets, has become an inevitable choice to improve the efficiency of the bank.

China Banking Association said, the world's largest banks, more than 16 thousand outlets of the ICBC last year cut 14090 teller, some of them are direct teller cut, while the other part is transfer to other department personnel. China Construction Bank Teller number decreased by 30007, while the Agricultural Bank of China has reduced the number of teller 10842.

Net friend: the four banks will be more thin money

@Summer-gakki: Bank of China, a small branch built in the old city of institutions, retired elderly and more, there are times to go to work, see the old man moves slowly, the teller is impatient. In fact, these old people, you can all leave.

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@ParkLi's journey to Korea: the necessity of social development. When the deposit is not absorbed, service upgrades, attitude change, in order to ensure that employees are not unemployed, the arrival of the two-day weekend. Remember 5 years ago to travel to other countries, into the bank, the lobby manager came to the door to give me a bow, asked me to drink coffee or tea, help me get the number, lead me to sit down.

@ 500000000000: Yellow Guangjin four big banks to increase profits thin, more and more money.