So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus


So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

Anyi Jihe to "large grain Ling occupation farmer"

At the end of the Year Award

Sent 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end awards

So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

[planting champion] and Ling Jihe (front right) photo


In January 8th, the Anyi large grain, Jiangxi Green Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. chairman Ling Jihe fifth years for the firm's "occupation farmers" year-end bonus awards this year, amounting to 3 million 80 thousand yuan.


Anyi farmers' pocketbook more drums, more and more active thinking. Ling Jihe company last year to expand "managed farming" new mode to attract a lot of farmers, farmers have more "after" he signed this year, "" buy them from the plot "to" send plot ', shows that the new mode of our effective and popular." Ling Jihe is very confident.

This year 61 year old Luo Jingen planted a field of more than 30 years, had never thought of the field hosted out. The same day, he finally decided to go into the "find Ling Jihe signed green energy company. They planted 300 acres of land, busy for a year but only earned about $70 thousand. Ling Jihe gave him the "pulse": "you have more than and 10 years' yellow sticky soil ', are numb, it is difficult to increase their own farm, the cost is also high, I managed to ensure, let you earn about one hundred thousand next year!"

So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

["planting champion" Wan Sanmao (front left) from Ling Jihe took over more than 40 yuan bonus]

Ling Jihe said, "the farmer is managed farming" Tian "up" to others, "managed services green" company covering all rice production process: to provide high-quality seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural equipment; provide quality all playing fields, machine transplanting and harvesting rice drying; provide recycling services to farmers to buy; planting insurance...... Farmers have to do is to pay a certain amount of management fees, usually their own water pipe, tube worms can be." In the view of Jihe Ling, unprofitable farming, the main reason is that do not understand the market and technology, the technology and market of people to help understand their "trusteeship", can solve these problems.

Ling Jihe heart there is a big chess - the transformation of high-quality rice, selling brand rice. The modern man is no longer satisfied with the requirements of rice on the line, but also eat healthy, safe." He admitted that now some of the imported rice prices, selling ordinary rice will gradually lose competitiveness. Therefore, he registered the "green" and "Jihe Ling" brand, store experience will have opened in Anyi county.

So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

["planting champion" were holding a bonus Photo]

It is understood that the current green energy company "occupation farming mode has been relatively stable, there were more than 100" occupation farmers planted 19 thousand acres of land, including the "80" "90" after the farmer. Earned 80 thousand yuan last year, earned $110 thousand this year." Born in 1995, Xiong Hairen said happily, the degree of mechanization gradually improve farming "to make him feel better every year easily".

Ling Jihe said that he will focus on the future development of "managed farming" mode, the company last year, is responsible for hosting the 30 thousand acres, this year plans to expand to 50 thousand mu. We want to keep up with the market transformation and upgrading, which is a structural reform of the supply side. My dream is to let more young workers willing to farm, allow the farmers to become a decent occupation, let agriculture become Bentou industry!"

So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

So the hao! Anyi County for these large grain of 3 million 80 thousand yuan year-end bonus

The morning of January 9th, the market price of more than 10 million yuan of the 8 BMW X5 and 12 TOYOTA Prado in bond group in front of the venue will spread the word. Reporters learned that the company this year for 20 outstanding performance of the backbone of the staff, in the case of the end of the year award as usual, an additional bonus of this20 luxury cars.

Thanks to the aquaculture industry in the past two years of high prices, bond group profits in 2016 ushered in the explosive growth. The latest data show that the bond group affiliated listed company bond technology before 2016 three quarter operating income was 13 billion 888 million yuan, up 8.23% over the previous year; a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 906 million yuan, up 393.76% over the previous year.

"Significant economic benefits, so we have the ability to give employees a high reward." Zhengbang group vice president Nie Xiaohong said, the core value of the company is to share the development, so this year decided based on payment on the 20 key employees year-end bonus doubled, a bonus of 20 luxury cars. "They are in the country manager or director, the performance is very good."

Reporters learned that 20 of the award, the youngest 29 years old, the maximum age of less than 50 years, both university graduates, there are rural men, but they all have a winning reason: 2016 to create at least twenty million more than last billion yuan in profits for the company.

Peasant Zhang Yong, the company has been 12 years, is now the bond group Ganzhou area eight hole farm field. 2016 because creating a profit of about 27000000 yuan, an increase of 800%, had won a TOYOTA Prado award. He told reporters last year, breeding good prices, pig production stable, the employees feel at ease, herd has remained healthy, the final benefit has been significantly improved.

Zhang Yong smiled and said, early in November last year, I heard that the company to give their prize car, the whole family crowed, hoping to get the car quickly.

Unlike Zhang Yong, bond group farming division northeast area general manager Wu Zhijun is a BMW X5, and the second is to obtain the luxury car award. He told reporters, before the company only for the individual employee reward outstanding performance of the car, he had acquired a TOYOTA Prado, "but like the massive reward the car or the first time."

Wu Zhijun went on to say that last year, the northeast area to the company to create a profit of 150 million yuan, the end of this year to get their own awards also have hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, there are a lot of people more than one million year-end awards, so I'm not the best, this year will continue to work hard."