Charging mobile phone explosion three mobile phone taboo


Charging mobile phone explosion three mobile phone taboo

Original title: charging mobile phone explosion fire three taboo

Charging mobile phone explosion three mobile phone taboo

Recently, there is news that a mobile phone mobile phone charging explosion and fire three taboos reported: the evening of September 18th, who lives in Beijiao, Ms. Zhou on the table is not charged, nor the use of the Samsung smart mobile phone battery exploded, but fortunately someone at home, did not cause more serious consequences. You can live in the eastern suburbs of Ms. Mao was not so lucky, at the beginning of August, she spent 1999 yuan to buy his son a millet mobile phone, more than 9 points of the evening of September 7th, was in charge of mobile phone suddenly explosion ignited bedding, sparking a fire, the house was burned beyond recognition. Before this occurred, the southern suburbs of Xi'an, Ms. Hou will be a HUAWEI mobile phone charging flat on the bedside table, filled with charge a mobile phone suddenly heard a loud noise, black smoke.

Long term charger does not pull, dangerous!

Many people in the mobile phone after charging, in order to avoid the next search and plug the charger cumbersome, will leave the charger inserted in the power socket. In fact, at this time the charger is still in the power of the state of work, the long-term do not unplug the charger, it is easy to heat aging, thus burying a certain security risks. At the same time, there are mostly long cable charger, if good connections in storage, the charger is still inserted in the socket case by connecting wire hanging casually, in daily life is likely to be short due to water or accidentally stampede, resulting in leakage accident.

From the day before the Jiaxing city police fire brigade announced the city's 2011 Annual fire situation analysis informed point of view, factors in 125 fires have been investigated by fire, electrical fire from a total of 46, accounting for 36.8% of all fire incidents, the main reason for the fire. In electrical fire, 21 is caused by the fault of the electrical circuit, such as short circuit, open circuit, poor contact, leakage, electrical fires accounted for 46% of the number, and the charger long-term do not pull is likely to contribute to the electrical circuit fault. So when people leave the room, be sure to remove the charger in time to avoid a fire.

Mobile phone charging for a long time, dangerous!

As with the colleague "architect", many people love long time for charging the mobile phone, and mobile phone charging the phone, using a mobile phone to play games, watch movies or other programs running, there are some people out of spare battery mentality, the mobile phone charging midway telephone dial, will not mobile phone power pulled out, but the direct answer, these two approaches will lead to intermittent charging of the battery, mobile phone charging time, cause the voltage and current of the mobile phone is not stable, and have a strong impact on the mobile phone battery, even may cause an explosion.

At the same time, in the high temperature environment for mobile phone charging will exacerbate the risk. In order to avoid overheating of the battery, charging the phone to choose a good ventilation and heat dissipation, the ambient temperature is generally not more than 35 degrees C. February 24th to 26, Xiuzhou district fire brigade for fire safety inspection in the area of primary and secondary schools, some students even secretly use wiring board from the air conditioning outlet connected to a power line for charging the mobile phone, and when charging the mobile phone and the power line with the quilt cover, to prevent school teachers and dormitory administrator. Collaborative examination of the school teacher confiscated the phone and wiring board on the spot, and said it would be a serious treatment and education.

In addition, in the purchase of mobile phone batteries, must choose the regular manufacturers of high quality batteries, do not use inferior battery; when the battery is damaged or bulging, should be replaced; do not alter the mobile phone, and try to use the original charger.

Frequent use of universal charge, danger!

Due to the different mobile phone charging interface is not uniform, some people who use multiple phones at the same time, in order to avoid the trouble with a number of mobile phone charger, to replace the universal charger. Especially for vehicle universal charger, is a popular favorite. However, the interface of each phone, voltage, current intensity and other standards are not the same, even if the charger connector and the mobile phone interface, it may not be fully appropriate for the representative. The universal charger market some inferior universal charge dragons and fishes jumbled together, interior design is simple, the lack of voltage overload protection device, when the voltage instability or other conditions, extremely easy to cause the battery internal resistance of fire and explosion fuse.

If the charger is lost, the original mobile phone charger or other original manufacturers to produce the charger for the purchase of choice. If forced to charge using universal charge, positive and negative pole of the battery to correct docking, and always pay attention to whether there is abnormal, if the battery charging after the fever, burns and bulging phenomenon, should abandon the universal charge, continue to use will cause damage to the battery, even to the safety of serious consequences.