Zou Shiming responds to eye diseases for the first time


Zou Shiming responds to eye diseases for the first time

Zou Shiming responds to eye diseases for the first time

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On May 24, Beijing time, the famous boxer Zou Shiming was visiting Luyu for about a day. He talked about his eyes for the first time. He said that he had left vision. Only 0.1, now because the eye disease can no longer drive, the left eye to see things are overlapping, leading to their own feelings are very dark, need to wear special glasses at home, for their career prospects, Zou Shiming said: "I will not say I do not want to go I didn't dare to play, but I may not be able to understand it.”

On July 28 last year, Zou Shiming played in the 11th round of the WBO championship gold belt. Was defeated by Kimura Xiang. After the match, Zou Shiming and his wife had gone to Los Angeles to appeal to WBO to declare the match invalid and replay was rejected. At 2 pm on December 21 last year, Zou Shiming and his wife arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. However, Zou Shiming and his wife need to contact his wife Ying Ying Ying and her assistant. When encountering a pillar, Zou Shiming did not find that there was a foreign object in front of him. Going up, there is obviously a problem with vision. On the same day, Zou Shiming’s sudden eye disease was admitted to the Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and was judged to be close to the disabled standard. The doctor stated that Zou Shiming had multiple fractures in both eyes (eyelids) and his left eye had very low vision, which had reached the national standards for persons with disabilities.

It was reported that when Zou Shiming turned professional boxer in early 2014, he discovered that there was eye disease in his left eye. At that time, American doctors threatened in good faith. “If you punch again, I can hardly guarantee you Will recover." The Zou Shiming revealed that his previous vision of the left eye was 0.3. He still did not influence life and training and competition. Now his visual acuity has dropped to 0.1.

The Zou Shi Ming belt Lu Yu and the audience visited the Zou Shi Ming No. 1 Sports Center, which is about to open. This is a building on the Huangpu River. Zou Shiming said that the light was selected for the site. For two years, he is now working with his wife on the construction site every day. This project is to be completed before the World Cup in Russia.

Zou Shiming hopes that his own boxing gym can bring more people to practice boxing. His wife, Ying Ying Ying, is also a boxing enthusiast. Zou Shiming said that now she can't subdue her. Zou Shiming said that now everyone is concerned about the safety of single women. To practice boxing is to protectIn his best way, Mou Yingying said that women can practice boxing and fitness. Zou Shiming’s two children are also very fond of playing boxing. The two often study at home. Zou Shiming said in the program: “When Xuan Xuan grew up, the father and son came to a contest with the most men. Don't leave anyone."