Franck Ribery: Bundesliga is not that simple


Franck Ribery: Bundesliga is not that simple

A few days ago, Bayern star Franck Ribery accepted an exclusive interview with the "Pictures" and talked about the Bundesliga, the upcoming German Cup final and Heynckes.

Franck Ribery: Bundesliga is not that simpleBILD: Mr. Ribéry, you have now joined Kahn, Sauer, Lam, and Schwein. Steiger’s ranks, you all won eight salads. Is it particularly proud?

Franck Ribery: It feels great. I'm happy. I have been in Bayern for a long time. Every year we work together for this championship. It took eight salads in eleven years. It was incredible. Isn't it?

BILD: Is it getting easier to win?

Ribberry: It's not as simple as people think. Bayern is a big club and you will feel a lot of pressure. Our goal every season is to win all championships. Now that we have one, it is eighth for me. Our goal next season is to maintain at least this season's results.

BILD: After losing 1-4 to Stuttgart, you have the opportunity to re-certify yourself in Berlin on Saturday.

Franck Ribéry: Yupp (Heynckes) hasn't talked too much with us in this regard. We want to celebrate the championship first. This is also necessary. However, after Sunday and Monday leave, we are back on the training ground today and everyone is preparing for Frankfurt. Our team has a wealth of experience and we all know what it means to stand on the finals. We have been working hard for the cup all season, so we hope to bring it home.

BILD: Will the team give Double Crown to Heinkers?

Franck Ribery: Of course, we have to win for Euph. He is a great coach. After taking over the team in October, his work was excellent. So we want to win the last game for him. Of course it is for ourselves.