Wu Jingui: Victory is dedicated to seriously injured Martins


Wu Jingui: Victory is dedicated to seriously injured Martins

In the 5th round of the 2018 China Super League to be played this afternoon, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua was away from Beijing. With a goal from Romero and Moreno in the first half, Greenland Shenhua won 2-0 and won three league wins. After the match, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui attended the press conference.

Wu Jingui: Victory is dedicated to seriously injured Martins

Talk about this game< /blockquote>

"The game is ups and downs. It's not easy. We competed twice a week. The players did their best and the victory was not easy. Thanks to the players. We encountered many difficulties, such as injuries and continuous combat. There was a period of time. People and play better than us, but we scored with experience."

Winning for Martins

“AFC is very sorry to see Before Martins got injured, our team gave Martins a blessing before coming to Beijing and this victory was dedicated to him. Romero felt good in front of the door, but he hadn't found the best status yet. It's better to run in and help the team more.”

Win on the road

“It's hard to beat away, there are long distances to go, there are opponents home advantage But opponents may be eager to win, and we have more experience, we are also very lucky to win the away game, and we must win more in the future. It takes a bit of luck to play in Beijing. In 2006, I brought Shenhua to Fengtidi. The victory over Guo'an, including the team that previously defeated Beijing in Greentown, is also very important for luck."

Talking about the city in Beijing

“Every visit to Beijing feels special. I studied in Beijing. Beijing is like my second hometown. There are two top teams in Beijing and it is very much needed as a capital. I hope people can get out of the woods as soon as possible. I hope Shanghai The team and the Beijing team compete on a higher platform and it is also good for Chinese football."