Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia


Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

As the World Cup approaches, from government to business to fans, many changes are happening quietly.

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

One month later, the World Cup in Russia will begin. There is no doubt that compared with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the Jakarta Asian Games, the Russian World Cup is the real highlight of the 2018 sports year. It is worth mentioning that as a feast of fans around the world, the influence of the World Cup in Russia is not limited to the arena itself.

In fact, for Russia, the World Cup is one of its most important events this year. Russian President Putin also paid close attention to the World Cup and confirmed that he will attend the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, according to the "Daily Mirror" report, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked Russia's football hooligans to sign a pledge to ensure that they will not find other fans looking for picks.

A person familiar with the matter said: "This is to warn people who may be breeding things. They ask you to give a statement promising that you will not plan or do anything during the World Cup. They are different. The way to put pressure on people is different for everyone. To do some rigorous work for these people. I know that some people have already signed this document."

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Football fans from all over the world have flooded into Russia during the World Cup. Security issues are naturally the focus of attention. In order to do a good job of security, in addition to the control of football hooliganism, Russia will also step up anti-terrorism operations throughout the country, especially in Chechnya and Dagestan.

At the same time, the Moscow municipal government has begun to pay full attention to the use of face recognition technology. Since September 2017, the Moscow municipal government has installed 5,000 surveillance cameras on the streets to ensure the safety of the city by comparing captured images with images of wanted criminals in the database. These measures will eliminate hidden dangers in time and put him before the wanted criminal commits an attack.Captured.

According to reports from Russian satellite network, Russia will also guarantee the implementation of special fire safety regulations by local governments during the World Cup. At present, the Russian emergency minister Vladimir Puchkov has signed relevant documents. Relevant measures include the proposal to prohibit the burning of stalks of weeds and weeds, etc. Interestingly, the host city of the World Cup match will be barred from grilling.

A poll of the “Public Opinions” Foundation of opinion polling agencies showed that under the protection of these measures, 90% of Russians believe that the government can guarantee the safety of players and fans during the Summer World Cup. Only 5% of respondents believe that the Russian government cannot guarantee security, and the remaining 5% of respondents said it is difficult to answer.

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

Of course, for most fans, the charm of the game itself It is the reason why they are upset. As the World Cup approaches, from government to business to fans, many changes are happening quietly.

According to the "Team" news, the Bank of Brazil (BCB) issued an announcement a few days ago, informing each branch bank of the Brazilian team's game during the World Cup, shortening business hours by one hour, allowing employees to watch the game. According to Brazilian law, the bank’s normal business hours must not be less than 5 hours, but during the World Cup period of the Brazilian team, the Brazilian bank can adjust business hours to 4 hours.

In addition to Brazilian banks, many Brazilian companies have also introduced a number of measures to help employees see the ball. Some companies allow employees to go home to watch the game, and some companies even install TVs in their offices, which is convenient for watching the ball without delaying production.

It can be seen that for the Brazilian people, regardless of whether the World Cup is held in their own country, they are their four-year festivals and events. In this regard, perhaps fans around the world are similar.

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

Global ratings have been maintained during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil Very high standards. Taking the US and Ghana games as an example, the broadcast of ESPN won 11.1 million TV viewers, setting off the broadcast of this TV network.World Cup match ratings record. The Global Times reporter noted in Los Angeles that since the World Cup began, many TVs in restaurants, restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies have locked in channels that broadcast World Cup matches.

In the United Kingdom, in order to take care of the audience's viewing needs, even though the British Ministry of the Interior had refused the bar industry's request for an extension of all bar operations, Cameron, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was still on his own. It was announced that "I have ordered that the police, relevant government departments, and the association of bars should resume discussions and consider extending the bar's operating hours on the day that the England national team participates in the World Cup."

As we all know, with Brazil, Compared with the World Cup regulars like England, some countries are difficult to successfully enter the World Cup finals because of their own conditions, and once they can realize their football dreams, there will be a national celebration scene.

In October of last year, the Panamanian National Team killed Costa Rica in the World Cup qualifiers, which made it strong into the World Cup finals. When the news arrived in the country, Panama’s small Caribbean nation with a population of only 4 million instantly boiled. Citizens rushed to the streets and waved their flags to celebrate this historic moment. The President Juan Carlos Barrera personally A presidential decree was signed, announcing the national holiday day.

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia

Similarly, after a 2-0 victory over New Zealand After 35 years of returning to the World Cup finals, Peru has also become a joyous ocean. Subsequently, the Peruvian government also issued a notice that the national holiday on November 16th day.

The Peruvian Ministry of Labor and Employment issued a notice at the time saying: "On November 15, 2017, the Peruvian national team will participate in the World Cup qualifier playoffs and have the opportunity to achieve the goal that has not been achieved in 35 years. After the goal, it is necessary to celebrate this moment with security and order, so if Peru can successfully break through, it will become a non-working day on November 16, 2017, and workers in the public sector will be forced to take a day off. The department is free to choose. This vacation does not affect the weekend holiday for the workers.”

It is foreseeable that if these teams contributed to the fans in the World Cup, they have made some achievements and achieved certain results. , then the World Cup comes to these countriesIt's not just a simple sporting event. Behind the exciting events is the people’s sense of national pride and national pride. The World Cup also has irreplaceable value.

Dangerous and Celebrating World Cup in Russia