Italian coach Mancini abandons 13 million euros in salary?


Italian coach Mancini abandons 13 million euros in salary?

The Italian coach Mancini gave up his salary of 13 million euros.

Historically missed the Russian World Cup, the Italian national team finally embarked on the road to reconstruction.

Beijing time on the morning of May 15, after many investigations, the Italian Football Association official announced that 54-year-old Mancini became the new coach of the Italian national team.

Italian coach Mancini abandons 13 million euros in salary?

Italy coach Mancini gives up 13 million euros in salary


He has coached Florence, Lazio, Manchester City, Galatasaray and Zenit after his retirement and coached Inter Milan twice. This is the first time he has taken over the national team.

In Mancini's coaching career, he won four Serie A championships and led Manchester City's historic Premier League title. Balotelli and other Italian stars have also gradually grown under him.

Italian coach Mancini abandons 13 million euros in salary?

Mancini wins the Premier League title.

According to Italian media, Mancini abandoned the 13 million euros salary of the Russian Super Zenite club in order to take over Italy.

On November 16, 2017, after 60 years of shameless history, the Italian Football Association announced the dismissal of coach Ventura.

According to the Italian media's "Premium Sport" report, Ancelotti was the best person to stay at home, and former Swansea coach Guidolin was also a potential candidate. However, in the end, the Italian Football Association chose the younger Mancini.

After he took office, Mancini's top priority is to lead Italy to score and participate in the 2020 European Cup.


Mancini is Roberto Mancini.

Roberto Mancini (1964.11.27) was a good forward in the player era and represented Italy in the 1990 World Cup but did not play. Have played clubs: Bologna, Sampdoria, Lazio, Leicester City. After retire, he started his coaching career.Coaching club: Florence, Lazio, Inter Milan. Manchester City Football Club, Tujia Galatasaray Football Club, November 15, 2014, Inter Milan official website announced that Mancini returned to the club as head coach. On August 8, 2016, Beijing Inter Milan officially announced that Mancini was officially dismissed and that both parties’ contracts were terminated prematurely. Beijing time On June 1, 2017, the Russian Super League team Zenit officially announced that former Inter Milan and Manchester City coach Mancini will be the team's coach.