Hongkong Academy Awards lead to nostalgia boom


Hongkong Academy Awards lead to nostalgia boom

Hongkong Academy Awards lead to nostalgia boom

The evening of April 9th, the thirty-sixth Hongkong Film Awards held as scheduled. This year's Academy Awards are considered to be the triumph of the old drama". Kara Hui, Ka Tung Lam, Eric Tsang, Jin Yanling, 57 year old actor actress, 50 years old, 64 year old male with female, with 63 years old, the average age of the four actor award winner for up to 58 years old. Several winners are indeed acting amazing, Kara Hui's award speech has become the biggest prize in this ceremony tear gas, but also make people sigh: Hongkong movie really old.

The creature "kageo", in 80s and 90s the last century, is the most glorious period of the Hongkong film, then Hollywood has not invaded, network has not yet universal, wonderful story, the scene of the popular Hong Kong into the slow pace of the mainland, European modern life and bold free love view of a large number of people infected "thief", "young" "killer" "king of gamblers bet"...... In the movie brotherhood, business rules, shady underworld quietly changed many people's values. For a time, fierce fighting sound, intensive gunfire, women screaming, roar filled with various small dark video hall, on the street there are many black coat, white scarf in split pants, everyone fights, ready to address each other as brothers, the body hormones were lit.

By the end of 90s, on the thirty in addition to the Spring Festival evening, there is an unshakable program is the whole family to sit together, watch an entire night Hongkong comedy. This year, 45 year old Mr. Huang said, Zhou Runfa, Harbin, Hongkong, China's new year's Eve is the most common film of the top three stars of the year, said Mr. Stephen Chow. "The Bronx" "" "Lion King" and other young hesuipian have become our memories. Later, I went to Hongkong to travel, every where I would like to shoot here what movies."

The 30 year old Xiao Liang said, he looked at the all Hongkong film while their parents are not at home, from the downstairs store rent, "once, I'll rent a dish, the store all the" DVD of the 'turning over and over, did not choose to see. The boss took a piece of disk to come over and say, 'just returned, try not?' The title is called "the heart of jade", starring Hsu Chi, Loretta Lee. The cover is two women exposed to the clothes in the flute, the screen is extremely romantic. What 'and' I almost put his hand on the eject button on the VCD Department of the whole film, lest the parents come back, grab a present. Hsu Chi in the film of a large scale, all kinds of blood spray lens. After the fame of Hsu Chi to honor the commitment to take off the clothes worn one by one back."

In addition to action movies, comedy, love film, Hongkong film is the most famous ghost". Lam Ching Ying the zombie series, "ghost" ghosts "scary" people "people frighten ghost" series, "Thriller plot are embellishment, humor and Kung Fu became the main selling point of Hong Kong horror film."

With the development of the mainland film and Hollywood impact, Hongkong film side to explore a new development path, the last hours while maintaining old Hongkong film. For example, each year's awards will be reserved for a few moments to meet the audience's nostalgia. This year's best actor award is all the old play bone contract more in line with the Academy Award "respect for the elderly" tradition. The winner is the first red Huiying Award "winner", famous boy, then his frustrations. She put down the burden, in recent years is still the award winning specialist, won three best actress; Ka Tung Lam has long been considered the winner class characters, Hong Kong Gold supporting, Andy Lau praised the good actor, won the award winner is welcomed. In the best part of the supporting role can also sing a nostalgic song to celebrate. Eric Tsang, Jin Yanling's acting no doubt, they are swept the forty year veteran of the Hongkong film, classic movies too numerous to mention, take the prize to the soft. But the enthusiasm of the fans will still buy a familiar face, every time a fire ignited the enthusiasm of the fans, as if the golden age and come back, the audience's youth and rekindled a.

If you use a movie to describe the thirty-sixth Hongkong Film Awards, Wong Kar Wai's "the great master" is very suitable. Our prime, on behalf of the Guangdong martial arts against North martial arts leader Miya Hata, in the palace of the retreat ceremony, the martial arts than than the idea, please open a leaf cake.

Think for a moment the IP say the most meaningful sentence: "in fact, the world is big, but also far more than the north and south. To compromise, to rest on its laurels. In your eyes, this cake is a martial arts, for me is a world. The so-called Dacheng if missing, there are deficiencies in order to progress. Really help, but also far more than the North Nanquan......" Finally, a meaningful smile. This situation, like today's Hongkong film. (Li Zijian)