Wang Junkai art fans contain Nortel, room packed, why fans are so crazy?


Wang Junkai art fans contain Nortel, room packed, why fans are so crazy?

Wang Junkai art fans contain Nortel, room packed, why fans are so crazy?

14, the media have been exposed Wang Junkai has successfully passed the Beijing Film Academy,,, with the excellent performance of the Beijing Film Academy to obtain the examination certificate. Wang Junkai appeared before the examination room to take part in the exam, causing a sensation, crowded the scene, can be said to be one of the most high-profile candidates in Beijing Film Academy in 2017.

Crazy fans containment site, even climbing into the examination room for a glimpse of Wang Junkai.

Most people deal with the fans, the first thing you can feel is extreme paranoia.

They can be very persistent opinions and standard, will unremittingly and you will make the same argument, repeated many times, any ideas and theories and presented to you, they will ignore you, no matter how justified. People talk, this is called Bu into.

Why are fans so hot?

Fan culture is a unique marketing culture in the Internet age. Many famous fan groups have a strong social influence, for example, fruit powder, BB control, Rice noodles, kerosene etc.. Different from the general preferences or preference, these people not only their own long-term "loyalty" to specific brands or products, will spare no effort in the Internet, in life for their favorite brands or products of banner, does not allow others the slightest blame and criticism, the spontaneous formation of voluntary publicity influence. Even more expensive than the huge cost of marketing or advertising department.

Fans group is a huge intangible assets of enterprises, a huge loyal fan base is the dream of every businessman. Fans spontaneous action for businesses to create a steady stream of value and profit.

However, from the psychological and sociological point of view, any form of fans (including fans, fans, etc.), all belong to different levels of paranoia and primary believers.

There is a point of view in Psychology: in the eyes of the mentally ill, others are psychotic. Similarly, in the eyes of these fans, other people are stubborn, unreasonable, only they are the master of the truth. So crazy fans and ordinary people is that they do not understand each other.

So, do you understand?