Fried shrimp Chan

admin Published 2017/10/24 17:56:19

Fried shrimp Chan practice 1. ingredients: shrimp Chan (clean), flour, egg 2. has been washed with 1 tablespoons of cooking wine upon shrimp. 3. and 0.5 spoons of salt. 4. seasoning and mix, marinate for 30 minutes. 5. then, in the flour into the eggs, ad



Lemon biscuit

admin Published 2017/10/24 15:24:19

Lemon cookie 1. cut butter into a small piece, softening at room temperature, as far as possible without microwave oven, will dilute into liquid, not good. 2. adding sugar, salt, mix well. 3. add low gluten flour, stir until the flour can not be seen, 4.



Fish with small taro

admin Published 2017/10/24 07:10:24

Chili mix small taro practice 1. fresh small taro wash, drain water; 2. small taro washed into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boiled water; PS: to cover small taro. 3. small cooked taro, peeled, 4.; hot pot, pour oil, saute chopped pepper, garl



Rice in the oven

admin Published 2017/10/24 07:02:54

The oven baozaifan practices 1. rice washing clean, placed in the oven inside, do not worry can be cooked or baking a large area of low height can choose to soak for half an hour to buy 2. chestnuts fresh, first with a knife cut a mouth 3. and then thrown



Lettuce dumplings

admin Published 2017/10/24 06:41:26

The practice of lettuce dumplings 1. take out frozen dumplings, 2. lettuce cut section, wash 3. pot, add enough water to boil the buns, cook 4. dumplings boiled in the middle, boil off the cooked lettuce 5., bottom plate 6., about 10 minutes, dumplings, t



Watermelon dumpling with meat stuffing

admin Published 2017/10/24 06:40:01

Watermelon watermelon skin 1. practice Boiled dumplings meat stuffing and remove the emerald inside red, rub into filaments, then the water boiled water, can cook for a while, because there will be a little hard rind. Blanch chopped 2. simple leek cut sho



Onion egg pancake

admin Published 2017/10/24 06:28:43

Onion egg pancake approach 1. 4 egg flour 250 grams 6 grams of salt water about 260ml shallot amount to 2. containers in flour in a small egg, put salt 3. particles into water agitate 4. mixing process can be dissolved without some static



Xiangsong mix bean sprouts

admin Published 2017/10/23 14:21:51

The latter approach Xiangsong mixOneThe latter is recovered from the seedling box (my pea is their own species, hydroponic pea, very simple, to sow the seeds, d



Chiba tofu minced meat small shrimp burning wax gourd

admin Published 2017/10/20 21:26:00

Chiba tofu minced meat burning practices 1. small shrimp melon melon peel to the flesh wash, cut 2. small shrimp soak for 10 minutes, remove and drain water reserve 3. chopped shallot and garlic chopped pork 4., Chiba bean curd slice 5. pot into the amoun



Stir fried Auricularia auricula with yam

admin Published 2017/10/20 20:55:56

The practice of 1. black fungus fried yam yam wash, soak the black fungus 2. garlic smashed 3. bowl with water and then add a little white vinegar to soak into yam peeled slices, black fungus choose clean 4. hot pot temperature oil garlic saute 5. into ya



Braised duck with bitter melon

admin Published 2017/10/20 20:34:48

Braised duck gourd practice 1. balsam pear slice 2. duck slaughter 3. garlic and fermented black bean paste, ginger slices 4. stone pot add 10 grams of oil heat, add ginger and garlic into 5. fermented black bean duck 6. join mirrin 7. plus 3 grams of sal



Hot and Sour mix lotus root fungus

admin Published 2017/10/20 11:32:13

Hot and Sour mix fungus lotus root practice 1. prepared ingredients 2. fungus with warm water for 3. to 4. full bubble open, wash the salt, sugar, chicken powder and vinegar mix to melt and pour the boiling water stir cool prepared 5. green and red pepper



Crisp pineapple pastry

admin Published 2017/10/19 23:48:40

The practice of crisp pineapple pastryPeel pineappleTwoCut into small pieces (preferably with imported pineapple, not pineapple). If it's pineapple, you may nee



Fried banana pie

admin Published 2017/10/19 23:39:38

Fried banana pie 1. dumplings 2. bananas peeled, cut into pieces of 3. put a banana in the dumplings on the 4. fold 5. fork out 6. patterns make all the cake 7. turn the pot into the amount of heat the oil into 8. cakes, fried until golden brown remove an



Stewed cabbage

admin Published 2017/10/19 23:38:59

Stewed cabbage practice 1. materials ready, cabbage clean, preserved egg cut into small cubes 2. Chinese cabbage roots cut into filaments of 3. Chinese cabbage leaves small strips of 4. pan, add oil, saute garlic after heating, add cabbage root filaments,