Fried potato shredded pork

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:05:46

Fried potato shredded pork 1. first bought pork cuts 2. potatoes washed and shredded 3. shredded potatoes will be placed in the water to soak for a while, can remove excess starch, stir fry the time will not stick together 4. pot put some oil into the por



Fried Spinach with oyster mushroom

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:05:39

Mushroom fried spinach practice 1. ingredients: spinach (cleaning), mushroom (cleaning) 2. will have been washed into the spinach boiled in boiling water, remove. 3. plus 3 tablespoons oil hot pot, into clean mushrooms and stir fry. 4. then, the boiled sp



The lotus root Chili oil

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:05:26

The practice of 1. Chili oil lotus root lotus root peeled, washed dice; slice red pepper; onion; ginger shred 2. pot into the amount of oil heat, saute ginger into 3. Chili oil bean sauce and stir fry until fragrant, pour 4. lotus root and stir fry for a



Boiled rice cake with bacon and Chinese Cabbage

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:05:20

The practice of bacon cabbage boiled rice cake 1. ingredients: Chinese Cabbage (washed cut), Bacon (have been sliced), rice cake will be on the board of 2. rice cake slices, stand-by. 3. pot pour the oil pan, into the chopped cabbage and stir fry bacon. 4



Sauteed potato cutlets

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:04:11

Sauteed potato cutlets approach 1. into the oil pan, saute the onion and garlic 2. cut into the potato slices, stir fry for a minute or so, add salt, chicken essence, fuel, continue to stir fry, after a minute, adding water over the potatoes, turn a small



Pineapple mushroom

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:03:37

Pineapple mushroom practices 1. mushroom 1 2. mushroom slice, a flower knife 3. diced pineapple, pepper and red pepper, diced onion, shredded ginger 4. pot into the amount of oil heat, saute ginger into 5. mushroom fry until golden brown on both sides of



Sliced pork with radish

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:03:29

The practice of 1. slice radish radish pork dish spare 2. pork slice standby 3. pot put a small amount of oil, put the pork fried yellow, both sides can add salt, chicken, oil, soy sauce, soy sauce, thirteen spices, then stir for a minute, a plate stand 4



Stir fried shrimps with pineapple

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:03:15

Pineapple fried shrimp 1. pineapples 2. pieces, put salt water soak 10 minutes and 3. red bell pepper cut, cut green onions, diced pineapple, shredded ginger 4. fresh shrimp head peeled, with knife knife line 5. toothpicks out of shrimp in the shrimp back



Kimchi, tofu and shrimp

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:03:04

Pickled cabbage tofu shrimp 1. tofu slices 2. pot into the amount of oil, oil 6-7, tofu into the pot 3. fried until golden on both sides. Remove and drain oil. 4. green pepper wash cuts 5. pickled cabbage squeezing soup cut small amount of oil to stay 6.



Cheese strip (bottom of digestive biscuit)

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:01:17

Cheese (digestive biscuit bottom) it will melt butter and 1. pieces of 2. digestive biscuits mixed mixed butter cookies will be broken, even on the bottom of the mold, and uniform pressure (must be hard pressed compacts oh); 3. the cream cheese removed, w



Halloween - Witch fingers cookies

admin Published 2017/10/26 21:00:05

Halloween Witch - finger biscuits for 1. food all weighed 2. sugar into the softened butter in the butter 3. hit to the lighter in color 4. to 5. add in egg butter volume light, egg butter has been absorbed 6. sieve into the low powder mix flour and dough




admin Published 2017/10/26 18:44:39

The practice of longevity burningOneLetinous edodes foam ahead of time, cut out the cross shaped flowers on the surface. Soak the water in letinous edodes. Don'



Eggplant mixed

admin Published 2017/10/26 18:36:26

Mix eggplant practice 1. wash eggplant 2. pot boiling 3. onion and coriander chopped 4. eggplant shredded onion and coriander 5. placed 6. with shrimp paste mix well



Letinous edodes Noodles with Soy Bean Paste beef

admin Published 2017/10/26 12:04:27

Letinous edodes beef noodles 1. first beef sauce (letinous edodes for another recipe has made specific practices, try again briefly, need detailed steps to see another menu, links on this http:\/\/\/recipe.php id=247866?



Bar yam bone beauty warm soup

admin Published 2017/10/26 11:48:24

Bar yam bone soup warm beauty 1. ready required ingredients, big bones clean with warm water after the cut 2. agarics advance with blisters, 3. carrots cut into segments, yam scrape pitche 4. big bone in advance on the water soak bleeding water, skillet w



Shepherd's Purse Wonton

admin Published 2017/10/26 07:49:05

The practice of the 1. vegetables wonton meat stuffing spare, onion ginger mince, 2. chopped 3. shepherd shepherd's purse thaw meat stuffing add soy sauce, salt, peanut oil and mix thoroughly, add cooking mix together 4. wonton skins and 5. spare, fillin



Baby vegetable meatballs soup

admin Published 2017/10/26 05:46:55

Practice of baby vegetable meatballs and rice cake soupOneAdding appropriate amount of salt, ginger powder, cooking wine and pepper powder in meat stuffing;TwoA



Mix jelly

admin Published 2017/10/25 08:09:57

The practice of 1. jelly jelly mix 2. diced green peppers into strips of 3. segments of 4. coriander into the soy sauce 5. add sugar and salt 6. put vinegar and sesame oil 7. mix



Stir fried sponge gourd with shrimps

admin Published 2017/10/24 21:25:09

Shrimp fried loofah practice 1. shrimp, ready; 2. shrimp, shrimp to cut feet; 3. to 4. of all shrimp line; shrimp are sorted into 5.; starch; 6. to add a spoonful of salt and wine; 7. and 8.; taste very fresh; kneading, mixing, curing will 9. gourd, peele