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China Netcom Shanghai auto show: BMW 5

admin Published 2017/04/17 02:41:58

BMW 5 series is a mid size sedan, a new generation of models has been launched overseas, and then will be made by BMW brilliance. The 2017 Shanghai motor show opening soon, Netcom editorial into the exhibition site ahead of schedule, the new generation of


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Cody Ark: I want to do well, you will forget to view L?

admin Published 2017/04/17 02:37:39

Cody Ark is after Yeti were SAIC Skoda another masterpiece SUV, if Yeti doesn't look China touched the hearts of consumers, that design strength of Skoda you so handsome, smooth and clean lines of paragraph 7 had intermediate SUV...... Not always running


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The doll has grown still face 28 Tiguan L static.

admin Published 2017/04/17 02:35:55

[January 18, 2017] chexun Wang reported, the Tiguan L listed, the price range of 223 thousand and 800 yuan -35.98, the Tiguan L equipped with two powertrain, which is the third generation of EA888 turbocharged engine, two displacement, respectively 1.8L a


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[test] Volkswagen Tiguan L a free and easy.

admin Published 2017/04/17 02:35:17

[report] chexun Wang compact Tiguan "grow up". L is defined as the medium level SUV Tiguan, which appears in our vision. For the majority of Tiguan followers, is also more inclined to choose Tiguan L? Bigger, longer, this is the power of "L". How do y