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Zotye T600 contrast Harvard H6

admin Published 2016/07/06 13:04:13

In today's fiery SUV market, the Thai T600 is already playing a leading role in the SUV market leader of the characters. With monthly average over million sales, became the many independent SUV benchmarking model, in your card in the minds of the friends


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Low value partner Yan I Korea KIA KX3

admin Published 2016/07/06 13:03:46

Partner friendship price 3 million deal with my car spark to me, vaguely remember when appropriate partner to the car to my hour a green light to start flameout 4.5 times, opened three years from from the white lead expert, followed by daughter gradually


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KIA KX3 car fuel costs 0.9 yuan per kilometer high

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:50:50

Prior to the car costs survey, codification has master secret the a variety of Japanese and French small SUV cost of keeping a car the, there is no doubt that the current two sales Honda Wang helter skelter wisdom, east of the XR-V in the cost of keeping


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Sagitar GLI and golf GTI in the end who should be chosen?

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:48:22

A few days ago, 2016 Sagitar Gli officially listed, as Sagitar family, peak performance, furnishings and equipment to set the most abundant and most passionate personality and activity models, the new Jetta Gli called Sagitar family "sportsman". This ma


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Chinese new year to add a KIA K4| how much money to get

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:31:12

KIA K4 can be said to be a new segment of the market, the size of the intermediate and near the car, while the price is between the compact and intermediate cars. Such positioning is also destined to get more attention. Dongfeng Yueda KIA K4 listed in 201


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Until finally you sub K4 1.8L Car Buying by Pearl White

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:28:15

The cock wire size 80, Anhui people now live in Changshu, Jiangsu, currently the working-class loan buy a car are swollen face fat filled, put the car has passed one week, today plans to hand in your homework before going to bed, or feel what work did not


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Cheap good goods, Peugeot 408 and KIA K4

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:20:17

Brick uncle car in the future you may not know in the car market at the moment, the most popular selling is not SUV, but the traditional compact family car. For a lot of people, 150 thousand of the compact car in life bear the responsibility of the whole


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FAW - Volkswagen Jetta GLI chassis: status quo analysis

admin Published 2016/07/06 12:15:00

The public has a special feelings for the Chinese market, from the head of the Jetta, to the present stage of Sagitar, once let the madly in love. This point has not yet been a number of brands to get. At the moment the crowd slowly Car Buying young, the