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Brother: the new Mondeo car car on which of the reasons?

admin Published 2017/04/17 03:15:48

The new Mondeo has been high in domestic sales, the appearance of the avant-garde, high configuration, considerable power advantages to attract domestic young owners once. The car appearance design of the new Mondeo brother think very carefully, to look a


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A new week: new corolla, Roewe ei6 will be listed

admin Published 2017/04/17 03:12:07

Thirteen towards the ancient capital of Xi'an, Southeast of the test drive DX3 SRG4, Southeast DX3 launched personalized sports models - DX3 SRG, in, the ancient capital of the thirteen Xi'an launched a media test drive. What is SRG? Sport (the thrill o


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Jetta is a taxi, my MK2 is not.

admin Published 2017/04/17 03:03:58

'97Volkswagen Jetta 1.6L 5MT I believe that no one will be familiar with this generation of Jetta, if I said the Jetta was the national car, it should not be opposed. And then to become a taxi, but also the streets know Lane smell, for those who do not h


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The only one of the Audi A9 debut, stunning appearance

admin Published 2017/04/17 03:02:54

In the Audi series A1 to A8 we are not familiar with, but have heard of, but never heard of A9. In some time ago, a Audi A9 has just entered the harbor, causing a lot of people's attention, A9's modeling is really amazing. Martin grille design is very c