Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come


Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

The articlewhich was shared with you today is a fieldworker. Buy a car, Nissan Tatda looks stylish, especially for young people],Article After the was made out, they attracted people from all walks of life. The hot headlines rushed to the top of the minute~A number of media published, Reprinted, such as headlines,sohu,100 > All reports are available, you can search for the topic directly in Baidu View~Only inToday's Headlines,24< Font>Clicking has exceeded 4322 within the hour. As of now, the number of participating comments has reached 316. See the Article Hot agenda degree~

I usually pay attention to some used car information, but due to the busy work, I mainly pay attention to the online one. Some used car platforms, there are several of them are more optimistic about it, has always been a collection. I decided to buy a used car and started watching it online. Because I don't know much about the car, I didn’t select a car, so I decided on the price range and the age of the car. I saw a suitable point to take a look at. At the same time, I also visited a lot of forums, read the experience of many netizens selling cars to buy cars, and learned a lot about cars and used cars. After intermittently selecting the car for nearly a month, I suddenly saw a Nissan hung on the platform of the Renren car.2014 1.6L CVT smart, on the card in August 2015, mileage of 75,700 kilometers, price 75,000. I looked at the vehicle inspection table provided on the website. There were no major problems in all aspects, so I reserved an appointment to look at the car. The shape of the car I like very much, the original owner is well maintained, I think this car is very good, it is the decision immediately! When discussing the price, I directly asked if the original owner could not be less. The original owner was also a real person and he directly gave me out.Extended7 Million price,I agreed. Immediately afterwards, I signed the contract and paid a deposit. When the contract was signed, the sales were very responsible. He explained the content of the contract carefully to us. In doubt, he would answer patiently. This made me feel very comfortable. The recheck of the car was in the official inspection shop. I think this program is more formal, and both buyers and sellers are assured. Before the breakup, we had an appointment with the original owner to have time to transfer. Before the transfer, I had all been ready to go to the vehicle management station for one day. However, when I went there, I knew that the platform had someone responsible for the transfer. I only need to give the other party's identity information, and then wait for the number to be all right. The rest will be handled by the agent. This feeling is really cool. My experience in buying a car was so good that I introduced my friend and started one. We didn't bother with the whole process. Really want to thank the platform, let me buy the favorite car, next time you want to change it and choose it!

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

Nissan Tiida 1.6LCVT smart, the benefits of fuel-efficient club friends, riders have come

For this article, netizens have expressed their opinions. Come and have a look!


1. @Pain without talking:The exterior color is dark, so the interior will pick light tones, and the whole person will have a sense of relaxation in the car.There is also a family warm style. The center console is a piano porcelain workmanship that is very delicate and upscale.Compared with Lao Da Da, the new gear lever is very beautiful.

2. @The longest remembered in the world: The steering wheel is still quite sensitive, but what my father-in-law did is Font>SUV, compared with the actual evaluation, said the steering wheel is light. Personally, I think that when there is a corner crossing with speed, there will be a very serious roll, especially when the distance is more than 60kmh, my friend suggested that I add a balance bar and it is effective. Improvements have been made.

3. @Temple OneeD Font>: u>While driving for more than a year, the fuel consumption has been maintained at a stable average fuel consumption of 7.2. Because I just go to work, pick up mommy to buy food, send children to the park for a walk, rarely run at high speed, less to go to the road where the road conditions are not good to run, the fuel consumption is stable, and of course, also with Trent fuel consumption performance Stable and related, gently open and enjoy the fuel-saving pleasure of low fuel consumption.

4. @Black and white does not matterFont>: Mummy always said that with children sitting in the back seat is the most comfortable, soft seats, support bar is strong, holding the child, holding the waist, more comfortable than sitting in a chair at home. The smart version of the seat is sleek and stylish. The noise was well controlled. I drove gently and the car was basically quiet. Mommy could catch the child to sleep.

5. @Rose's Tomorrow: u>There are currently no major problems with the car. Pre-sales and after-sales services are also okay, but I don't know when problems arise. The service will not be so good. Because of the purchase of Trent, they also know a lot of riders. All are very kind people. Have become friends. The question of what kind of car is usually available will first ask these cute riders. In short, I'm very happy to pick you up.

6. @Lin thinks:The internal space of Tiida is almost the same in its class. Adults have no problem with the awkwardness of the inside, 2700 wheelbase and higher level The number of models is not much worse than that. Headroom is also good, not too depressed feeling .

7. @The Best Opportunity:Power is OK, It's Not Used to Crash, No Problem at All .

8. @I took your future: i>Lightweight steering wheel, this is good for me as a novice, I believe girls can be very calm Driving; in the direction of the chassis adjustment is very tend to home, really soft, smooth over the deceleration zone, but in the sharp corner when the chassis a bit powerless friends, but the side can only slow down too.

9. @Katety Baby:< /i>Advantage is enough! No matter what kind of traffic! Especially the presence of L files! Adding a lot of power to the car! For sound like I like the effect of professional audio! Quite like it!

10. @ Money Money :The interior is beautiful! For our young people, the interior configuration is also very fashionable! Quite satisfied! The configuration of leather seats is more fashionable!

11. @I want to buy this: CVT engine feels okay! If it is not full, it does not feel his fault! Still quite satisfied! Strong sense of acceleration! There is a feeling of pushing back! Of course it was when I was driving alone!

12. @Fairy:

i>1.6CVT engine, starting power is a little weak, especially when it is full, it seems to be a bit difficult to start, but once it moves, CVT accelerates after exceeding 40km/h. Still enough to meet day-to-day needs, if a person is driving, the start of the city as long as a little step on the gas pedal slightly, Tiida's response speed is still possible.

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