Modern - Lang automatic leading type, spent 70,000 are all for us, users: really envious


Modern - Lang automatic leading type, spent 70,000 are all for us, users: really envious

Every day there are articles, every time a piece of hot topics are sent out by Duan Zizhi in the civil society, the netizen's comment is also more exciting than a wonderful one. Today, it has come to everyone and it has caused many netizens to discuss [Hyundai - Lang Auto Leading type, it took us 70,000 to do everything for us. This article has already received 254 comments within an hour. Some people have expressed doubts. Some have even agreed that some people have even discussed in the commentary area. See what the hell is going on here.

I'm good with my target. My parents like him too. I think he's also motivated and watched him run every day. It was not easy to take care of me. To earn so much money was to buy a house and get married. Because I was not very good at home, so my parents thought about helping and refusing to go for business. Ready to buy him a used car.

This used car, ah, we are also forced to buy, is eager to drive, no money, in fact, this piece of security do not understand, but also the most do not trust, so we must carefully select the brand Ah, performance ah, in short, it must be careful.

In the beginning, when we chose the used car, we did not go to the used car market to see the used car because of safety reasons. Instead, we learned through a relative that we have developed a better online used car. The platform, selected through this second-hand car trading model, was first used by relatives on the Internet to learn about this used-car trading model, and through detailed understanding of our selection of the Renren vehicle platform endorsed by Huang Hao.

After choosing the platform, we began to select specific cars. When we first selected the car, we subscribed to some of our favorite models through the model subscription function on the official website, and then passed the screening function on the official website. The used car was screened for sale. In this way, we finally looked at a 2015 model of Modern-Langdong. The owner quoted: 81,000, on the card: 2015-3-1, age: 3 years, mileage: 46,300 kilometers. .

Modern - Lang automatic leading type, spent 70,000 are all for us, users: really enviousModern - Lang automatic leading type, spent 70,000 are all for us, users: really envious
Modern - Lang automatic leading type, spent 70,000 are all for us, users: really envious

After choosing a car, I clicked on an appointment and applied to the owner to go to the scene to see the car. After getting the owner's response, we agreed to interview. At the site, I checked the vehicle. , From the exterior to the interior is clean and tidy, much better than I thought, it seems that the seller should be good to maintain the vehicle.The effect of the test drive is also very good.And the owner also introduced me to the basic situation of the car, sales I also took specific inspections of various parts of the car, so that the on-site inspection was over, and we were satisfied with the overall situation of the car, so we were prepared to talk to the owner about the price.

We started And the owner talked about other things and went around and talked about the price of the car. Because the chat was good, he said a real price, I also reported a heart price, the two sides reached a consensus on it With 75,000, the car was settled.

, So before you speak, first take a look at what the masses of melons are saying!!

@Poisonous Roses: Beautiful lines, enough power, enough space! Love me Devotion

@Moon Rose: The most satisfying aspect is that Lang Lang’s appearance and interior are also very beautiful and streamlined. At that time, several models finally chose the car to move quickly.

@Mushrooms Happy: Because you have chosen it, you need to love it. My car is also a comparison of the likes of Toyota Corolla and Ford Furius and Volkswagen's final look. The body looks pretty and the flow lines look good and the interior is also very suitable for me. Meaning buy it so

@Arthur's strongest: the paint is thin, the chassis is loose, the power supply is absolutely enough for the oil, and the minor problems are a bit.For example, the oil pump is broken and the starter is broken.

@Wood and wood three monsters: The most favorite is the interior, the sense of science and technology I feel very strong, very comfortable sitting in the car, the appearance of the body curve design style is perfect, the design of the lights It's unique, and the reason is that the rich configuration and very economical fuel consumption are the reasons why I chose this car.

@ Too much backRecalling: The control is very flexible, and the steering feels very good. The suspension is very solid and resilient. The steering wheel is pointed and sensitive, but it is easy to control.

@Gao Ge is very strong: The seat is comfortable and there is a seat that is very strong, and there is very little sense of fatigue. The handle of the steering wheel is also very satisfactory, and the control feeling is also very good. The comfort does not say.

@Keeping Mom: The most satisfying is the seat, super comfortable, low fuel consumption, one-click startup, steering wheel flexibility.

Every time I see a netizen's comments, Xiao Bian is deeply impressed! @You, what would you like to say? Let’s talk about it, the following commentary is for you!