No mileage anxiety for fuel models GoFun shared car strong presence in Weifang


No mileage anxiety for fuel models GoFun shared car strong presence in Weifang

In recent days, a number of new Jetta vehicles with the green lettering “GoFun Shouqi Car Sharing Vehicle” have appeared on the streets of Weifang, Shandong, attracting a large number of people to watch. It is reported that these vehicles come from the GoFun shared car platform owned by the SAIC Motor Group. GoFun travel officially settled in Weifang on May 18th. The first round of launches are centered on popular local business districts, office buildings, and high-tech industrial parks. Nearly one hundred fuel vehicles meet the needs of local citizens for multi-dimensional use such as shopping and commuting.

No mileage anxiety for fuel models GoFun shared car strong presence in Weifang

It is reported that the model of GoFun launched in Weifang is the FAW-Volkswagen Jetta fuel vehicle and the new local energy Compared with shared cars, the battery life is stronger and there is no need to worry about problems such as power outages. According to Tan Gohun, GoFun's travel president, “GoFun travel will be based on the structure and characteristics of different cities, will be targeted for vehicle selection and placement options, such as entering a city with complex road conditions, select a more powerful fuel, longer range of fuel vehicles to To ensure the local user's car experience. In the future, GoFun travel will gradually make more customization of car scenes to districts and counties such as Shouguang, Linyi, and Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone to enhance the user experience from multiple dimensions.”

In addition, during the promotion period, local users can enjoy the “1 RMB 8 Hours Car” experience, which means that they will receive a RMB 1 3 hours worth of vehicle vouchers after registration and can be re-acquired after the first order is used. 0 yuan 5 hours discount deduction, while sesame credit 700 points or more users can be free of deposit, or pay 699 yuan for registration certification, for different groups to provide economical and convenient shared car services.

The reporter calculated the account for the public. Take Weifang University to the Taihua Center as an example. It takes about 15 minutes to drive about 7 kilometers. A taxi takes about 16 blocks, while GoFun only needs 10 dollars (1.2 Yuan). /Kilometer mileage fee and 0.2 yuan / minute duration fee combined calculation). Ms. Liu, a Weifang citizen interviewed, also said: “Our family will go out for a picnic every three weekends. Usually we will use the car for one day and we will have to run more than 100 kilometers at a time. If we use other shared cars, we’re afraid to go out every time we go out. I am afraid that half of my electricity is gone. Now it is OK. GoFun's endurance capacity can fully meet our travel needs. After the family travels, we will choose Go.Fun.

Actually, Weifang is the first city to join GoFun. At present, GoFun will exceed 30,000 vehicles and cover more than 50 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu. Second-tier cities, as well as important tourist destinations such as Qingdao, Jinan, Guilin, Sanya, etc. The extensive layout has formed a nationwide linkage of shared cars, providing convenient, comfortable shared travel services for most cities.

It's worth a visit. It is mentioned that the report “Special Analysis of China's Internet Time-shared Leasing Market” recently published by Analysys revealed that, as of March this year, GoFun’s travel ranked top in China’s Internet car time-sharing leasing companies with over 930,000 active users, and the data was high. From the 2nd to 7th companies' monthly monthly data, they stayed first for ten consecutive months and took the top position in the industry.

Industry sources said: “The industry outlook for shared cars is undoubtedly high. The city has completed market education. In the future, it will gradually usher in the explosive demand of the domestic market. For example, GoFun travel system and other hardware facilities, intelligent software services, customized head office in different cities. Industry will be accepted and trusted by consumers.

How much does the user know about GoFun? Presumably, many citizens are also very curious about this. The reporter personally tried it on the first day.

I. Obtaining a driver's license Download GoFun Travel App

1. First, you should prepare your own ID card and driver's license above C2.

2. Search for the keyword “GoFun Travel” in the smart phone application market to download the app.

II. Real-name authentication payment deposit

1. After downloading and installing GoFun Travel App, the first thing you need to do is verify your mobile phone number. The correct verification code can be.

2. Then click the GoFun travel icon in the upper left corner to find the "Certification" option and click.

3. According to the prompts, upload the front and back photos of your ID card and the original and copy of your driver's license. The background will be reviewed in time for you.

4. Click "Please pay the car deposit" and follow the prompts to pay the required deposit amount. It is worth noting that users who have a sesame credit score of more than 700 can pay byBao authorized the completion of the deposit of 699 yuan.

3. Start using GoFun to share a car.

1. Open GoFun Travel App to search for nearby available vehicles

When we are going to use GoFun to share a car, first open the GoFun Travel App and find the nearest vehicle on the home map and click on it. At this time you can see the car's information, including the model, range, and more. After you confirm the vehicle and the location of the vehicle, click on the appointment car on the app.

2. Finding a smart vehicle unlock

After making a reservation for a designated shared car, you need to find the car and open the door within the specified time. , otherwise the system will ask you to make an appointment again. When the vehicle is found, the body image is taken according to the requirements. After uploading, click “Smart unlock” and the door will unlock automatically.

3. Arrival at the destination

When you arrive at your destination, you need to turn off the vehicle and get off the vehicle. Then upload your car picture and click "Finish." "Use car", the system will automatically settle. After you confirm the amount to be paid, the system will automatically deduct from your wallet or jump to a third-party payment platform.

If you can't find the return location, you can click on "Navigate to the parking lot" or view the real picture of the parking lot and follow the instructions to reach the return location. If you need to replace the return point, you can replace the point in the map with the remaining parking space.

It should be noted that, when confirming the use of the car, you can choose whether to increase the $10 “non-deductible and exemption” service. In the event of an accident, users of vehicles under 1500 RMB will not have to bear their own costs, and will exceed 1,500 yuan. Some can negotiate the use of commercial insurance. When a vehicle violates regulations, it can be traced back to the user according to the violation time and order time. It is recommended that the public handle the violation in time so as not to affect the follow-up vehicle.