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This year, Toyota Honda launched a total of 12 new models!

admin Published 2018/05/27 03:01:52

In China, “low fuel consumption and high quality” are the most intuitive feelings for many brands of Toyota and Honda. The two brands are not incomparable in terms of technology or price competitiveness. And in the year of 2017, these two giants also hand


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Just open, Wuling Hongguang 14 1.5L S standard, not bad

admin Published 2018/05/27 03:01:47

The grandson is almost three years old now. His parents are busy making money and they have put him in our old couple. Now that the child is approaching the age of attending the kindergarten, but now there is only one motorcycle and bicycle at home. It wi


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Domineering than Q7 3

admin Published 2018/05/27 03:01:17

Prado is regarded as the forerunner of the mid-to-large 7-segment SUV market. Thanks to the solid reputation of Big Brother Land Cruiser and the solid and durable quality of Toyota, the price of Prado is also the same as that of its leader, and the starti


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Civic owners don't toss, you can't run even with pickups!

admin Published 2018/05/27 03:01:07

This article was originally produced by Chaoran New Media Studio, author Qian Yijia. In the “super running” world, Civic has always played a decisive role. It’s no wonder that even the new MG 6 with a 6-second powertrain under the “popular lord” aura has